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11-15-2011, 16:07
Michael Wilbon wrote a nice article on the ongoing NBA mess on ESPN that I felt made some good points.

Both sides are wrong and foolish because ultimately, the sport is losing. Just turn on ESPN or sports talk radio and you can hear it. Noone is talking about the NBA. It seems people are just tired of listening to it and there are other far more pressing things to deal with. This past weekend was supposed to be the climactic weekend for the labor negotiations and the Penn State story trounced it. Bad timing for the NBA I guess.

Just in New York we now have Thursday night football, two football teams battling for a playoff spot a St. John's team with some potential, and Reyes free agency!!! Nationally you have college football and a Greenbay team chasing perfection among everything else. There are plenty of things to keep people occupied without the NBA. The longer it goes the more people will realize they are fine without it and the less they will care.

Here was a good excerpt from the Wilbon piece.

Players, no matter how strong the union is, can't stay out forever. If a deal had been reached today, a player who makes $8 million this year, just to pick a number, would make $100,000 a game for the proposed 72-game season, which would factor in a blown $100,000 for the 10-game reduction in the season. That money, to use a now-famous basketball saying, is never walking through that door.

Instead, let's say there's no basketball until January and the player misses his first paycheck tomorrow, another one on around Dec. 1, another Dec. 15 and another Jan. 1. That's four paychecks of $667,000 or $2.6 million.

So, how do you make that money back? Answer: You don't. You wave bye-bye to that money so the 14th or 15th man is protected from being sent down to the D-League? Or because the length of a mid-level contract is a year shorter than you feel it should be? Apparently, there are a lot of principled guys in the players' association. But how long does that hold up? Until January? February? The whole season? And to what end? Haven't enough NBA players heard NHL players, who recently missed an entire season, say it simply wasn't worth it?

Jersey John
11-15-2011, 22:35
These players are gonna learn