View Full Version : New York Giants is this 2007 Again!!!!

12-05-2011, 14:20
The question in which all New York Giants fans are asking themselves today is this the same script that they saw in 2007 when on the last week of the season the Giants than played the undefeated New England Patriots and played them tough and lost the game but revenged that lost later in the Super Bowl. Well from where I sit they did play the undefeated Packers tough yesterday and lost a heartbreaker to the PACK. It was the Giants fourth straight lose and moved their record on the season to 6-6. They got a huge break with the Cowboys losing and the Cowboys are 7-5 and one game ahead of BIG BLUE in the NFC EAST. The Giants play at Dallas this Sunday in the first of two games they have remaining against the Cowboys. Their fate is now in their own hands. Beat the Cowboys both games and the NFC East is the Giants and on to the playoffs. Everyone is now jumping on the Giants bandwagon even the national media. The Giants need to play better defensively. They are giving up way too many points right now. They have to really play on that side of the ball better. The offense scored points against the Packers but as a Giants fan you can not expect them to score like that. If the Giants want to be successful this season it will be on the defensive side of the ball. The defense will carry this team. Is this like 2007. Giants fans hope so but be very careful because the glass is half full here..

The Boss
12-05-2011, 23:39
You'll be lucky to beat the Cowboys once. Twice aint gonna happen

12-06-2011, 06:50
The Giants will beat the Cowboys and here is why.... Brain dead Jason Garrett, maybe he can call a timeout and freeze his own kicker again. Two Rob Ryan and three Tony Romo. Tony Romo can not win a big game when it counts the most. The bigger the game the more Tony Romo is out of his element. The season for the Giants all falls on this weekend in Dallas. Lets see how also Dallas handles the pressure...

The Boss
12-06-2011, 23:25
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