View Full Version : Mets Lose Jose Reyes, Marlins Gain Nothing

12-05-2011, 20:04
I am speaking as a Jose Reyes fan who lobbied for
the Mets to keep him all year, and still wish they
had, but at this price, I can't agree. The Miami
Marlins made a play that they are not going to be
able to handle. They are attempting to spend like
drunken sailors, and it won't work for them, you
will see this come to fruition sooner rather than
later. Jose gets hurt too often, Ozzie Guillen
will eventually run out of patience for that, and
Guillen and owner Jeffrey Luria will be at each
others necks before you know it. Expect Reyes
to be on the trade block no later than the third
year of his six year deal, and expect Guillen to
be out in Miami at about the same time or sooner.

New Stadium does not equal instant success, it
just doesn't, and this concoction of new players,
plus current players, plus new manager, and
owner will show that soon enough. I love Jose
and the way he plays, but he has his downfalls,
and they aren't worth close to $20Mil per year.

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The Boss
12-05-2011, 23:08
This is a great day for the Mets. The fans just want to complain about everything that they dont even see it yet

12-05-2011, 23:21
I'm a met fan and you made some valid points but the marlins are doing what they haven't done for their fans throughout their time as a franchise which is spend money to put a better product on the field. Year after year the Marlins let star after star walk away through free agency or trades. After their 2 championships they have broken up the team for lack of commitment financially. Therefore they have been accused of putting money in their backpocket. Now they are capitalizing on a great free agent market position player wise and they get killed for it. They bring in a world series winning manager, top flight closer, and the most dynamic and exciting player in the game they see an opportunity and are seizing it. They are putting a full court press on Pujols and if they can land him that would be truly remarkable. These additions along with a lineup consisting of the greatest young power hitter in the game with Mike Stanton, another batting champion shortstop, productive winning second basemen Omar Infante, sure handed John Buck and young hungry players filling in at other postions the Marlins have a chance. They have a legitimate ace in Josh Johnson and starters like Nolasco and Sanchez that have shown flashes of greatness. These things equal success. The Mets have become what the Marlins were a mid level team concerned more with the bottom-line then a playoff berth, and in this town its unacceptable

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The Boss
12-05-2011, 23:55
Wow what blast from the past. @HurricanDrew making a return. Hope to see you posting more bud

12-06-2011, 14:36
Drew I can totally hear where you are coming from, and you make excellent points,
however with Jeffrey Luria at the helm, Ozzie Guillen penchant to blow up at any
breeze (I Like Ozzie), and Overpaying, or making offers that are bound to blow
up on them i.e. 10years to Albert Pujols, I'm sorry but they doomed to fail.
Go with what you know, they are great at building with youth, continue with that
except when they are ready to leave, pay them and repeat, that is a recipe for
success, not throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

The Boss
12-07-2011, 08:33
As little as I like Reyes, I think with Pujols and whoever else they get they can def win in the short term. The team has won 2 twice and they can win agian before those 2 contracts kill the team

12-08-2011, 07:36
Key words in your arguement are "short term", this is why they lost out on Pujols, they wouldn't
add a no trade clause. They don't expect to fully keep anyone for the full term.

12-16-2011, 17:44
The Marlins do well in developing their minor league talent and doing a lot with a little. Why you would pursue a shortstop when you already have a primetime shortstop is odd to me. Both can't play the position. Will the chemistry be hurt when Hanley has to move over and play on base?
The Mets are light years away from where they were last year. What free agents are they going to pursue to take the place of Reyes and Beltran?

12-16-2011, 17:47

01-16-2012, 09:24
Fine..Jose Reyes is old news,spilled milk..The bigger question is going to be almost the same exact situation that might take place for David Wright..My feeling is the Mets knew all along once Reyes got hurtr for the first time last yr that they were not going to get his full value in a trade..So they decided to atleast make it appear to fans that they would sign him and build around him in the future.The Mets still needed to sell tickets u know,whether you want to believe that played a factor or not is your choice..My belief is it was all a ploy to sell tickets and ownership wanted to appease a frustrated and disheartened fan base.Now almost the very same situation comes about with David Wright..Off injuries and sub par performances the last couple yrs, if Wright gets off to a huge 1st half of baseball do you trade him at his peak value ? Or do you hang on and decide to build the future around a guy Met fans are already so frustrated with.Regardless as a Met fan, you either hope they trade him at the right time or make it their business regardless of the price to sign him..Judging by the disastrous financial state of the ownership,Met fans should make their voices loud and clear..TRADE DAVID WRIGHT !!!!