View Full Version : Meet the Mess: Front Office Once Again Drops the Ball

12-06-2011, 00:04
June 2011, an exciting time for one New York Met Shortstop Jose Reyes. Reyes was putting together an MVP caliber season for the fans in flushing while the team sputtered around .500. Almost everybody who followed the orange and blue clamored to keep Reyes and his exciting play in New York. Words like "Carl Crawford Money" scared fans half to death and I'm sure the front office even more. As fans we become victims of the moment at times, this was obvious here. The only people who aren't allowed to be struck by such sensationalism are the people who are running the team. The front office knew what the payroll would be next year and they had little to no chance of signing Reyes. So instead of trying to trade their shortstop who at this time would bring back a great amount in returns, they sat on him. They watched as Reyes pulled his hamstring once and then again. They watched him ice a batting title with a bunt and leave the game and met fan heart's forever. They kept an asset that could've been exchanged to make the future so much more brighter for the team but instead they allowed him to leave without ever putting an offer out there. They let a division rival get extensively more talented as they themselves lick their wounds and talk of bargain bin deals on middle relievers.

The mets front office is not the only one at fault here, Bud Selig takes a great deal of it as well. As Frank McCourt was going through his nasty divorce Bud ripped the dodgers from him and the mlb seized control immediately to insure this once storied franchise didn't succumb to the scandal. They then signed Matt Kemp to an extension to keep their fans coming to the ballpark and perserve whatever semblance of a team they have there. During the same time the Met Owners endured the single greatest ponzi scheme in the history of the world and Bud doesn't even bat an eye. Bud has allowed the mets to become a mid market team because of his friendship with the Wilpons. The Mets are now committed to cutting payroll along with fan consideration. The inability for the Wilpons to pay for their team has allowed a bonafide star to leave the city of New York in his prime, this statement doesn't or shouldn't happen when you live cross town from the yankees. If you aren't committed to winning then you shouldn't own a baseball team.

The Boss
12-06-2011, 03:08
The Mets wanted to sell tickets and Reyes was the only draw last year. Thats a good reason to hold onto him. But I have said it before, the mets are much better off letting him go. They are just so jealous of the Yankees home grown talent that they hold onto the idea that Reyes and Wright or like that, but they arent.

12-06-2011, 08:42
I disagree completely, I think you have left fans with an even worse taste in their mouths by not getting anything for him. Fans would have had to accept the reality they weren't going to sign him and move on. If you got a top flight pitching prospect for Beltran who is past his prime and two shot knees what could you have gotten for Reyes having an MVP caliber season. Now they have even worse feelings about the team. They kept him and didn't even bother to offer him a contract which is pretty clear how they never intended to sign the guy. The mets need to cut the bull and tell their fans they are rebuilding, they won't say it publicly but their transactions and their reference to the future is evident of this. I agree they should've let him go too much years and too much money to commit to injury concerns but his affect on the baseball team has been wildly underrated and it will be seen in his absence this season. Despite this fact last time I checked Jose Reyes doesn't pitch which is and will continue to be the problem for the mets.

The Boss
12-06-2011, 09:41
The fans are dying to have a bad taste in their mouths. They would do nothing bad bash the organization in 2 years when they pass up on a good player because their money is tied up in an un clutch too often hurt Reyes.