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12-06-2011, 12:38
The Miami Heat think they have the Dream Team with James, Wade, and Bosh. Just wait the best player in the NBA Kobe Bryant may just have his version of the Dream Team coming to the City of Angels. This version may be the better version.
The rumor mill is getting out there that the Los Angeles Lakers are going to go after
Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Can you imagine these two with Kobe Bryant.
The NBA will be starting the 2011-2012 season on Christmas Day but teams are trying to make moves and signings to make themselves even better. According to some NBA experts the Miami Heat are the favorites to win the NBA Title. The Los
Angeles Lakers are just trying to change that.
If the Lakers get Howard and Paul they no doubt will become the favorites to win the NBA Title. Putting these two players with the best player in the league in Kobe Bryant will make the Lakers a very hard team to beat. The question is how will they be able to get these two players.
The Lakers do have talent in which they can trade and get these two. The Lakers have said that the only untouchable player on their roster is Kobe Bryant. The Lakers are not happy with the way they were knocked out of last years playoffs. The Laker will alson need to sign Howard and Paul because after this season both players become free agents. The Lakers will be able to sign them as well.
The strong teams in the league continue to get stronger. The NBA no doubt wants to have parity in the league but a strong Lakers team does help sell the NBA product to the fans. Everyone loves to hate the Lakers. Remember BEAT LA, BEAT LA. Is the Dream Team now going to be in LA. Well just wait and see. If the Lakers pull this off then they will be the team to beat and let the chants begin again.

The Boss
12-07-2011, 01:52
Yea Yea Joe Binigno will be crying about it