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12-06-2011, 16:05
After witnessing a season in which the Yankees could barely carry themselves through, itís obvious that changes must be made. However, before you start trading players left and right, in addition the obvious players who shouldnít be traded (like Martin, Jeter, A-Rod...), the following players should also not be traded:

A.J. Burnett: Though he struggled with us for the past two seasons, he DID improve in his final games in September, and was one of the best starters in the Division Series. This season, on a scale of zero to ten, he went from a negative ten pitcher to a nine. I hope his improvement isnít a phase, and that he can keep it up in 2012 and 2013, if we decide to keep him that long.

Hector Noesi: Though a starter in the minors, he was an excellent middle reliever, who, though sent down breifly, should have never been sent down to make room on the roster. If the Yankees decide to make him into a starter though, he could use some work in the minors. The few times he was used as a starter or a long reliever, he was iffy.

Luis Ayala: Though he faltered in the postseason, for most of the regular season, he was one of the best relievers the Yankees had. Though he did give up thirteen earned runs, he had a season ERA of 2.09. We canít let what he did in the postseason determine the outcome for his next season.

George Kontos: This relief pitcher, called-up in September call-up, had a disastrous debut, but was the opposite in his next appearance and had been ever since. Shocked, but not surprised he wasnít on the postseason roster. Though someone else will probably knock him off the twenty-five man roster, he proved he could get through innings, and I hope to see him sometime during the 2012 season.

Cory Wade: Came to the Yankees in the middle of the season. Has a season ERA of 2.04 for us. In the forty games he pitched, he only gave up nine earned runs, which is good compared to the seventeen earned runs he gave up in 2009 in only twenty-seven games when he was with the Dodgers.

Andruw Jones: Though he only played seventy-seven games, he got forty-seven hits, hit thirteen home runs, and drove in thirty-three RBIs for the Yankees. Heís also an excellent fielder. I wouldnít be devastated if we got rid of him, but heís coming off a knee issue, which he played with during the season, and should be better than he was in 2011.

Greg Golson: Saw him briefly this season and last season. Though not impressive with the bat, he is an excellent fielder. With some more work in the minors, he could possibly play full time with the Yankees in a year or two (but not in 2012). He would serve as a good back-up to Chris Dickerson.

Chris Dickerson: One of the best utility outfielders the Yankees have. With an average of .260 and impressive fielding, he could possibly replace Andruw Jones if we let him go. Though Chris had only played sixty games in 2011, I believe heís capable of playing a full season, but we should wait til at least 2013 before having him as a regular in the outfield.

Eric Chavez: With his .263 average, he hit seven doubles, one triple, two home runs, and drove in twenty-six RBIs this season. Heís also one of the best infielders we have, and I prefer him to be used than NuŮez. Havenít heard much about him as trade, but heard he might retire, though he is interested in returning to the Yankees. Letís hope they re-sign him.

Ramiro PeŮa: Though he had a shaky season and was out for nearly two months recovering from an appendectomy, you canít judge him based on what he did this season (he only played 23 games and had a .100 average. Not to mention that he doesn't always play a full nine innings most of the time). Though not as good as Chavez, in past seasons, he has been a good fielder, and I prefer him to be used as a substitute than NuŮez. Hopefully his career bounces back.

Brandon Laird: Though we didnít see much of him this season, when he filled in for Ramiro PeŮa, he had good fielding. In September when he came up again, I saw that he still needs some working on. I donít expect him to be called up next season before September, but at least keep him in our minor league system.

Austin Romine: One of our best catching prospects. Romine only played in nine games, which could explain his low average (.158). From what I saw from him in spring training, he is an excellent catcher, and deserves another chance with the Yankees, even if he does spend most of his time in the minors (if Jesus Montero is used as a catcher).

Jesus Montero: Our other best catching prospect. He played in double the amount of games than Romine, got twenty hits, four doubles, hit four home runs, and drove in twelve RBIs. With an average of .328, how could you not want to keep this guy?

Remember, be smart when trading for players. Donít trade away good players and top prospects just to get someone who you think might be better. That player might actually turn out to be the opposite.


12-16-2011, 18:14
I watched Pena commit three errors in person when the Yankees came to Cincinnati last june. lol. He was the first name that came to mind when I saw your thread.

12-26-2011, 17:39
We have said the same thing about AJ Burnett for the last 2 or 3 offseasons that you are saying right now... I am the biggest AJ Burnett fan there is, even before he became a Yankee, but its hard to keep defending him at this point. The only issue and question we had about him was going to be his health and durability and thats the ONLY thing that has gone right for AJ Burnett really as a Yankee.

George Kontos gives us nothing essentially that someone else couldnt give us better and younger. George Kontos is lucky he is even on the Yankees because he could not stick on another teams 25 man roster. He is a scrub and a throw in for a trade, nothing more.

We got rid of Golson so I am a little late to this thread but why not get rid of Golson? We already have Greg Golson all over the roster... His many alter egos are named Brett Gardner, Chris Dickerson, Justin Maxwell, Melky Mesa, etc. He is nothing special and is more then replaceable...

We really want to roll the dice with Eric Chavez and his "I Could Get Season Ending Surgery At Any Minute" career? We got more then we could have hoped for when we signed Chavez last season... don't push your luck in my opinion.

Ramiro Pena... I actually agree with. Not for the reasons you stated but because he is learning the outfield. If he becomes adequate in the outfield he will be a great fill in at every position other then catcher, thus adding a ton of value to us and in a potential trade.

Brandon Laird? Really? Brandon Laird is a house hold name in Yankee land because he hit a ton of home runs, thats it and thats all. He doesnt hit well, doesnt hit for average, has holes in his swing, struggles with breaking stuff, etc. He is becoming more and more like an all or nothing, Adam Dunn type, hitter with less walks. Not to mention, prospect wise speaking, he is a little too old to be really taken very seriously. His defense isnt anything more then average.

Austin Romine is trade bait, plain and simple. Austin Romine is a better defender then Jesus Montero but has a weaker bat then Gary Sanchez (and he is only in A Ball), JR Murphy, and Jesus Montero. JR Murphy has actually leap frogged Romine in a lot of scouts eyes when it comes to the on the field performances. Granted Romine was blocked and his growth has been stunted while splitting time with Montero in Trenton and being blocked by Montero from coming up to Scranton... but still. We already have Martin who is reasonably young, Montero, Cervelli, and Romine has been jumped by Murphy and all our current catchers seem to be waiting to be leap frogged by Gary Sanchez. Why keep him?