12-07-2011, 12:44
The BCS Championship Game between LSU and Alabama is the right match up. These are the two best teams in the country followed by everyone else. The BCS is about matching the two best teams in this game. If the BCS went with any other teams this would of made the BCS a fraud.
The public and media started to make a little waves with the talk about Oklahoma
State being in this game. Two weeks ago Oklahoma State could of made a statement but they completely dropped the ball. There lose to Iowa State at Iowa State in overtime was not the only factor. The way they lost the game is. They had a big lead and if you want to play in a championship game than you need to beat teams that are
not at your level when your lead is double figures. Oklahoma State lost there chance
to play in the BCS Championship Game because of this game.
The amazing thing is this, thank goodness LSU won because believe it or not, the BCS Championship Game would of still been Alabama against LSU. The SEC is far and away the best conference in college football. After this year it will be the seventh straight year that the national champion came from that conference. That speaks volumes about the conference. Watch the bowl games this year with the SEC teams. Just watch how they dominate the other teams they play.
The two best teams are no doubt Alabama and LSU and they there is the rest of college football behind them. If this game would of been Oklahoma State against LSU it would of been a joke. LSU would absolutely destroy Oklahoma State. Not saying they might not against Alabama but these are the two best teams. The reason the BCS was set up in the first place was to match up the two best teams. We got them right here and the BCS show some credibility here. May the best team win.

The Boss
12-08-2011, 00:39
If the BCS went with any other teams this would of made the BCS a fraud.

THAT would have been the thing that made it a fraud?? Its beyond a fraud already. Mike Francesa has been making the point the whole time. Alabama has already lost this game, at home. They didnt even play in their conf title game.

A tournement of even 4 teams would do away with this nonsense anyway.

LSU v Stanford
Bama v Oak St

Would be two great games and then the winner play in the title game.

12-09-2011, 07:49
OSU might just get destroyed like Boise State did against Oklahoma a few years back. A great game that would never have happened with your reasoning. Nobody wants to see them play again.

12-09-2011, 10:37
The tournament is clearly the best option, but 1 has to play 2 if it's a one game playoff. There is no rule that says it can't be a rematch

01-11-2012, 15:21
Had to bump this one. Not to pat myself on the back but no one wanted to see them play again. Third all time lowest rated game. As for LSU vs. OSU being a joke contest, LSU didn't make it past mid-field till almost halfway through the third quarter and got shut out and held to 92 total yards. Hardly the juggernaut that Oklahoma State had no shot against :)

01-11-2012, 15:53
Have to be honest didn't watch the game at all. The Bowl season goes on for what 6 weeks, with night after night of mediocre teams playing each other on ESPN. Also the "championship" game used to be right around New Years day, a nice way to wrap up the holiday season. Why the game is being played on January 9, when people have gone back to work, and not in the holiday mindset is beyond me.

I agree that this was not a compelling matchup, as we had already seen this game before and lets be honest the first game wasn't that great to begin with.