View Full Version : Who the Yankees Should Deal in the Gio Gonzalez Trade

12-08-2011, 13:43
With Mark Buerhle going to the Marlins now, one of the most talked about pitchers the Yankees will be looking to get is Gio Gonzalez. However, in order for the Yankees to get him, the A's want us to exchange big name top prospects like Bańuelos, Montero, and Betances. Brian Cashman will not trade these guys or any other top prospects to get ANY player, and I agree with him. But that shouldn’t stop the Yankees from trying to get Gio. Yesterday (December 7), the Yankees acquired Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima, who they have yet to make a deal with. If a deal is made with Nakajima to put him on the Yankees roster, this opens up the possibility for the Yankees to trade Nuńez and some other players to get Gio. The following players are either non-prospects, or lesser minor league prospects that the Yankees should consider dealing to the A’s:

From AA Trenton Thunder: Right-handed pitcher Jeff Marquez (not a prospect), who pitched 85 innings, and went 6-5 with an ERA of 3.71 in 18 games, and struck out 59.

Outfielder Damon Sublett, who had an average of .240 in 54 games, and had 51 hits with 28 RBIs. Right-handed pitcher Craig Heyer, who pitched 146.2 innings, and went 10-9, with an ERA of 4.54 in 28 games, and struck out 75.

Catcher Jose Gil, who had an average of .253 in 79 games, with 67 hits and 35 RBIs.

Shortstop Jose Pirela, who had an average of .239 in 128 games, with 112 hits and 45 RBIs.

Left-handed pitcher Wilkins Arias who pitched 35.2 innings, and went 4-1 in, with a 2.52 ERA in 30 games, and struck out 39.

From AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees:

Catcher Gustavo Molina, who had an average of .253 in 47 games, and had 41 hits with 21 RBIs.

Outfielder Raymond Kruml, who had an average of .278 in 126 games, and had 137 hits with 38 RBIs.

But if the A’s do not want the players mentioned above and still insist on taking prospects, the Yankees should deal minor league outfielders Justin Maxwell (Average .260 in 48 games with 46 hits and 35 RBIs), and Melky Mesa (Average .249 in 109 games with 99 hits and 35 RBIs). We don’t need four outfielders in addition to the five we already have (Jones, Swisher, Granderson, Gardner, Dickerson). Along with Mesa and Maxwell, though unlikely to happen, I wouldn't mind if the Yankees dealt Dellin Betances. I wasn’t impressed with his few appearances with the Yankees; He didn't prove himself like the other pitchers called up in September. Trading him wouldn’t be as huge as blow to the Yankees as trading Bańuelos would.

Gio Gonzalez is no CC Sabathia or Ivan Nova, but he’s no Burnett, Colon, or Garcia either, who struggled at some time during the 2011 season. I compared him to each of those three, in the amount of innings they pitched, to see if he was better than these three. I've been told Gio walks a lot of batters. In fact, he walked more batters than any of these three pitchers; He is slightly worse than Burnett when it comes to that. Though a concern, I’m not worried about it. Gio is, however, a better strikeout pitcher than them, and allowed less home runs than them, though only slightly. However, Gio is nearly tied with Colon with the percentage of runs scored against him being earned runs. But Gio allowed less hits per inning, and the percentage of his pitches that resulted in hits is slightly lower than those three. The reason I didn’t compare him to Hughes is because Hughes didn’t pitch close to a full season. He pitched only 74 innings, while everyone else pitched well over one hundred; the comparisons would have been unfair to Hughes. So, in some aspects, Gio will be one of our better pitchers, but he is not worth giving up multiple top prospects for.