12-09-2011, 14:56
David Stern and NBA owners have no clue here. Three teams make a trade and all three teams are happy with it. NBA Commissioner David Stern went far and above his authority here. He also showed his arrougance by saying he could do this. This just after the NBA just came back from a lockout and when the agreement was just signed.
The league has no clue here. They want to stop the big market teams from getting better and they want the small market teams to get better. Well it is also up to the small market teams to make an effort to get better.
The proposed three team trade goes like this. The Los Angeles Lakers get Chris Paul from New Orleans. Pau Gasol goes from the Lakers to the Rockets. New Orleans
gets Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Lamar Odom, and Goran Dragic and a 2012 first round pick from Houston.
There are owners out there that agree by the action by the commissioner. Why is that? No one had a problem with the Miami Heat having a dream team did they. What the LA LAKERS can not. Three teams made a trade which all three were to benefit and all three were very happy with. What right does the commissioner have.
This is going to get very interesting because all parties are fighting this. Chris Paul is not reporting to New Orleans training camp. Really NBA come on now. You can not have 30 teams win a championship. Some of these teams need to make an effort to make themselves better.
Don't be surprised if this trade gets done. The NBA really does not need any more damage done here. They did that with the lockout. Doing this is not making the NBA look really good right now. Whoever is responsible for marketing the NBA you better have one hell of a plan now.

lenny leonard
12-10-2011, 01:18
I see your frustration and agree it is BS, but disagree on one big point.. This trade wasnt nixed because it made the lakers better and the NBA is trying to help small market teams get competitive, because this trade did the exact opposite. It made the Lakers worse.. MUCH worse . They would routinely be getting spanked in the front court after this trade went down, and it did make the Hornets better, and the Rockets as well...

This trade was nixed because it would have saved the Lakers, a big market team about 20 mil per year towards the luxury tax, which means BIG money WOULDNT have then been funneled to the small market teams.. THAT was why the small market teams were bitching and didnt want the trade done.. had nothing to do with the Lakers getting better..

The Boss
12-10-2011, 03:56
I don t care much about NBA issues, but this is bull. Whatever the motivation, the league shouldnt be interfering