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12-14-2011, 00:52
Depending on the results you get every Sunday the
chatter is constantly changing for a handful of so
called "Elite" Quarterbacks, but after taking a
close look at the starting QB's at present in the
NFL today, the fact remains that there is NO top
ten. Not if you want elites. If you just want to
round off your list, well that's a different story,
but if you want a list of QB's that you would feel
could win you a game if you needed it, then here
they are, and keep in mind that they are NOT in any
particular order, because the truth is that we all
differ in our point of view, but here's a list that
I doubt anyone could question.

1. Tom Brady
1. Ben Roethlisberger
1. Peyton Manning
1. Philip Rivers*
1. Eli Manning
1. Aaron Rodgers
1. Drew Brees

* No Super Bowl Ring

That's it ! No one else! There isn't a single solitary
name worthy of making this list that isn't already on here.
Wanna feel better that your guy wasn't left out, well below
is a list of honorable mentions, but they are NOT elite.
Cry, moan and groan, all you want, but the fact remains
that if your life was on the line, you wouldn't want any
of these guys slinging the rock for you. You're welcome to
disagree. In case you lost track of all the one's I put
there, remember no particular order, you can have fun doing
that yourself, there are SEVEN on that list, 21.875%

32. Matt Schaub **
32. Carson Palmer **
32. Tony Romo **
32. Michael Vick **
32. Jay Cutler **
32. Matt Ryan **

** Not even a Super Bowl appearance

If you combine both lists, you get a total of 13 QB's or
less than 50% of the league, which means that the rest of
the league is playing with a QB that is clearly less than
all that. Yes, there are a few winning QB's off that list,
but just because your team is winning games, it doesn't
mean you can be depended on when the game is in your hands.

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12-14-2011, 17:47
That elite list is dead-on. Absolutely impossible to add or remove one of those 7 names of that list.

If you were to rank these 7 guys, based on who you would want today and for next few seasons, I'd have to go:

1. Rogers
2. Brady
3. Eli
4. Peyton
5. Brees
6. Rothlisberger
7. Rivers

Trying to rank those 7 is almost an impossible task. Probably 100 reasons to disagree w/ that rank. But based on longevity (rogers, eli) and injury potential (peyton, rothlisberger) and body of work, seems like a fair 1-7. Peyton Manning is the definition of what an NFL qb should be. Before his injury, people said if Colts were to lose Peyton, they'd be a 5-11, 4-12 team. Obviously, that was an understatement. Went from playoffs to possibly going winless.

Moving forward, and in spirit of ranking these 7 based on who you would want, hard pressed to put Peyton in 1 or 2 spot because of that neck injury. People might be overlooking severity of his injury, its' a degenerative issue going on in his neck, as well as prior stress from football.

1,000 ways to look at it. But regardless, I'd like to think the one constant is Aaron Rogers #1 yea?

12-14-2011, 18:14
All very good points, Thanks !

The Boss
12-14-2011, 19:08
1. Tom Brady
1. Ben Roethlisberger
1. Peyton Manning
1. Philip Rivers*
1. Eli Manning
1. Aaron Rodgers
1. Drew Brees

* No Super Bowl Ring

That's it ! No one else!

You Eli guys are something else. To put him in that class is a total joke. To Put Rivers up there is a joke too at this point.

Throwing Eli down into the 2nd tier is fine, put him behind Vick and Romo.

12-14-2011, 20:07
Hey Boss, I'm not a Giants fan, or necessarily an Eli Fan, but don't look at the fact that he
looks dumb at times, he's got the goods. He belongs there even if it's at #7

The Boss
12-14-2011, 20:50
One of the first threads on this board was this How overrated Is Eli Manning? (http://66wfan.net/showthread.php?79-How-overrated-is-Eli-Manning&highlight=manning)

Guess who the QB is that leads the Giants on their epic collapse every season? Nobody that does that can be considered Elite.

12-14-2011, 20:57
Believe what you like, but there are plenty of ELITE QB's that never won ANYTHING.
Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, etc., etc...........................
I could go on. Winning Championships does not make you Elite, example: Trent Dilfer,
Rob Johnson, and so on, but Eli is much closer to the first group than the second, and
he will win another before it's all over. Book it !

The Boss
12-15-2011, 00:15
Lets not go crazy. Warren Moon was not an elite all time QB and has no business in the HOF without buying a ticket. Jim Kelly was never on the level of an elite like Peyton or Brady are today. Never mind that though. The bottom line is that if you take 4 games off of Eli's resume, which I understand you can't, but if you did, you would have nothing to point too to make your "elite" claims. If I'm not mistaken, he's never won a playoff game outside of that season, and he leads the Giants to massive collapses every year. Any given Monday in the last years would have an Eli blunder to cost the game as the lead topic, and you'd be listening the hours of phone calls on WFan from fans raggin on Eli

12-15-2011, 09:56
No Craziness, just take everything in the moment, Warren Moon was to a certain degree elite,
and he doesn't need to buy a jacket he did it in TWO leagues, and it's the "Pro Football Hall of Fame"
NOT the "NFL Hall of Fame" Kelly went to for straight Super Bowls, win or lose find me someone else
who done that? Tom Brady? Aaron Rodgers? Joe Montana? No When the Giants collapse it isn't
just Eli, it's usually the whole team. Punting to DeSean Jackson, Failing to hold leads. Think Tom
Brady is that great? Three Super Bowl Wins by a combined 9 points, 3 per game, That's a team,
not just the QB, he also faced Eli and lost. Not to Eli but the Giants, and Eli didn't beat Brady he
beat the Patriots, but few other QB's would have overcome that late deficit. Asking me to stop
supporting Eli blindly? Stop bashing him based on pre judgement. At the end of the day, eli may
have two or three rings himself, then what give credit to Tom Coughlin? Blasphdemy!

12-15-2011, 10:16
I am a massive Jets fan and still mustered up the humility to put Eli in elite category, so it's not agenda related. Look at this guy's numbers since 2007, his 3rd year in league. 4,000 passing yds each season, he's already broken Giants single-season passing record this yr, has a ring/mvp to boat, and he's made Victor Cruz look like a #1 WR this yr.

When talking elite, if you want to take out the championship factor how can u still not see Eli in that top 5? What have Romo and Vick done this year and last to indicate they are a better qb than Eli? When healthy, Vick couldn't help "the dream team" do better than a 1-4 start. Romo has been better but c'mon, dude has been PINNACLE of blunders. Losses to Jets, Detroit, Pats this yr, all perpetrated by his mistakes.

I don't see how you can attribute any Giant loss to lack of performance by Eli this year. Team has been decimated by injuries. No FA pick-ups. Eli has thrown team on back in nearly all their wins this yr. AS FOR fans ragging on Eli w/ Giants collapses? That's NY pal. You should know this. Look at Sanchez. 2 yrs in league, helped Jets get to conf chmp gms 2 yrs in a row & after 2-3 bad outings this yr, he's getting boo'd in warm-ups, at home, vs Bills.

Fast forward 3 weeks, sanchez is responsible for 13 TDS in last 3 games. He's tied w/ Rogers, Brady, & brees in this span. Not a peep about Sanchez now.

These guys carry teams on their back: brady, manning, rogers, brees, big-ben. I don't see how u can argue Eli has not done that. And he has a ring, stats, & success to prove it. Brees lost to SEATTLE last yr?!?! That make him an orchestrator of a collapse?

12-15-2011, 10:22
Excellent Points Matt, well done on the work. It's easier to accept when a non partial voice gets involved.
I am neither a Jets or Giants fan and would love him as my QB

The Boss
12-18-2011, 19:19
Todays game makes my point. This is exactly what you can expect from Eli

12-18-2011, 20:44
You can't help yourself, sour grapes cause you don't like the guy,
not objective you just don't like him. Eli vs Brady in Super Bowl,
Eli wins, that does makes him better? NO. Brady hasn't won in 7
years, that that take him off the list? NO. Would have been nice
if the other 52 Giants showed up today, maybe next week.

12-26-2011, 14:58
Eli is a good QB, elite isn't the word I would use. He deserves credit for the things he has done though!