View Full Version : Dwight Howard To New Jersey Nets Will Not Happen Until Trade Deadline

12-15-2011, 18:31
It appears that the Orlando Magic have killed all trade talk for their superstar center, Dwight Howard. While that might be a scary, devastating proposition to New Jersey Nets fans, there may be a very logical reason behind it.

The Nets will reportedly offer a package around Brook Lopez with multiple draft picks involved, namely New Jersey's 2012 first-round pick.

So that leads me to my next point: Why are the Magic waiting to deal him?

It's not because GM Otis Smith feels he can hold onto his superstar, as Howard has made it clear he doesn't want to stay in Orlando. Besides, those are just wild dreams considering there is nothing the Magic can do to surround Howard with enough talent to make him stay.

In my mind, it boils down to one thing: draft pick placement.

If the Magic trade Howard to the Nets, most likely the picks they'd be receiving would end up being middle to late first-round picks because at worst, the Nets will be competing for a playoff spot with Howard and point guard Deron Williams running the team together.

And I wouldn't expect the future Nets picks to be any better as no doubt New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn in 2013) will improve dramatically year to year, making the picks they send the Magic even worse than that of the 2012 pick.

Instead, the Magic will play it smart and wait it out. Doing so will ensure the Nets have a terrible record at the trade deadline, thus making it more likely their pick going to Orlando will be more than just a future role player.

This is all positioning by Otis Smith and the Magic, in my opinion. It will set it up so that Orlando gets the best pick possible and a great return for losing a player they won't ever truly be able to replace.

So stay patient, Nets fans. Howard's preferred destination is still New Jersey and the Nets still have the most to offer. You just might have to wait until February before D12 is playing in Newark.