View Full Version : Can Jags save Jets from Brian Schottenheimer?

01-04-2012, 16:58
News broke a few days ago that New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was going to interview for the head coaching position with the Jacksonville Jaguars which has been vacant since Jack Del Rio was fired this season.

My only question to the Jaguars is: Do they have a death wish for Blaine Gabbert and their organization?

Schottenheimer might be the worst offensive coordinator in the NFL, a belief that is commonly held by fans of the team Schotty works for. When your own team's fans think that, it's clearly not working out too well right now.

In fact, I wouldn't allow Schottenheimer to run my offense if I was the head coach of a pee-wee football team.

Just look at the regression of not only the Jets offense since Rex Ryan took over, but of third-year quarterback Mark Sanchez as well. Sanchez doesn't look any better this season than he did in his first two seasons, despite better numbers.

Just watch him on the field and you can tell, he hasn't improved. And by your third year as an NFL quarterback, if you haven't improved, you've regressed. That's got to be a scary thing for the Jags seeing as how their starting quarterback will only be in his second season if Schotty gets the job.

So why are the Jets secretly rooting for Schotty to get the job in Jacksonville? Well, that's because Schottenheimer is still under contract through next season and if he gets another job someplace else, the Jets won't have to pay him.

There is absolutely no shot that Schottenheimer will be back next season due to all the problems he's had with his offensive players this season, namely Santonio Holmes who was benched by Schottenheimer the last few minutes of New York's loss to the Miami Dolphins which ended their season.

Clearly, Holmes and Schottenheimer cannot co-exist and since Holmes is owed tens of millions of dollars more than Schotty (over $40 million), it'll be Schottenheimer out the door way before Holmes.

As certain as I am that Schotty will not be back with the Jets in any capacity next season, I am just as certain he will not be a head coach anywhere in the NFL next season.

What has he done to deserve such a position? As I mentioned before, he is as bad an offensive coordinator as there is in this league and it's extremely doubtful he could run an entire team being an inept coordinator already.

That means that the Jets are stuck with Schottenheimer, unless he gets another coordinator position someplace else, which again is highly unlikely given how bad he was this season.

That leaves one more option: fire him. Unfortunately for general manager Mike Tannenbaum and the Jets, that will end up being the outcome of this messy situation with Schotty. It's the only logical outcome I can think of unless of course a miracle occurs.

When it's all said and done, I believe the Jets will be paying two offensive coordinators next season.