View Full Version : Boomer Esiason Accused of Racist Remarks?

The Boss
01-04-2012, 17:38
First off, I will start by saying that without hearing the audio, I will easily give Boomer Esiason the benefit of the doubt and say the following quote is not racially motivated

This quote is from an interview with a Boston radio station earlier today

"If you watched Mark Sanchez the last month of the season, he was like a chihuahua standing on Madison Avenue and 36th Street entering the Midtown Tunnel, eyes bigger than you-know-what, and just so shaky."

Francesa just brought this up at the very end of his show, and wasnt able to fit all the audio in before signing off, but I can't imagine Boomers inflection possibly giving any reasonable person the feeling he was referring to race.

01-04-2012, 18:48
I find it hard to believe that anybody would call that racist. I doubt anything will come of this

01-05-2012, 08:32
The fact that anyone can view this as being racist, especially coming from a man who has spent his life respecting everyone and everything in it, is a great example of how America has lost its sense of humor and sense of perspective. Lighten up! I never hear any criticisms when he elbows the French every once in a while...and that IS intentional.

The Boss
01-05-2012, 08:41
Yes, and thankfully Boomer and Carton haven't even mentioned it in the last hour I've been listening suggesting the story is already dead. It was a total joke to begin with.

01-05-2012, 14:14
Boomer (and Carton) remember Imus, Howard Cosell, Jimmy the Greek....you fired the shot NOW man up! Handle it! Imagine if you would have said "Hakeem Nicks looked like a monkey when he made that catch!" Wait till the West Coast media gets ahold of this....Hispanics are the largest and fast growing ethnic group:cool: in the country...be careful!...adios

01-05-2012, 14:46
you fired the shot NOW man up! Handle it!

What is he supposed to "man up" about? Are you saying you think he was being racist?