View Full Version : Big Blues Justin Tuck should know Better!!!!!!

01-04-2012, 20:11
The NFL regular season was not over 24 hours and the playoff matchups were just a day old but chalk board material was already about to be ready to be put up on the board.
The New York Giants this weekend will host the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Wildcard game at MetLife Stadium this Sunday at 1PM. Big Blue defensive end Justin Tuck did not waste time at blasting the Atlanta Falcons offensive line. He basically called them out and said they were dirty players. Justin why in the world would you do that. You are no rookie here. You have been in the playoffs before.
Will this come back to haunt the New York Giants. The Atlanta Falcons are a good football team with a excellent quarterback in Matt Ryan. Do the Atlanta Falcons need any added motivation in this game. Well thanks to the Giants Justin Tuck they just got it.
Justin Tuck could eat his words this weekend or well it could just be a motivation for the Giants defense but rest assured the Falcons have this up on their board. Lets see how the Falcons react on the field when they see Tuck face to face on Sunday. This could be very interesting.

The Boss
01-04-2012, 20:41
Tuck basically took the season off until about 3 weeks ago, now he's feeling strong. I guess with that comes the need to talk trash. We'll see if it hurts them in the game or not.