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01-07-2012, 13:31
It's that time of year again. Black Monday and what now seems to be, Questionable Tuesday. Ironically enough within a two month span there are two days that are aptly titled "Black." Each day, for the most part, only interests one sex at a time. Black Friday entails mostly women staying up really late or getting up really early to shop for their favorite goodies that are 12% off the original price. Black Monday entails mostly men being relieved of the man that has lead their team to an abysmal and disappointing season, leaving the promise of a new beginning and a different era.

Steve Spagnuolo and Raheem Morris, thanks but no thanks. Luckily for those two, Spagnuolo will go from being axed to being the most sought after defense coordinator on the market, and Mr. Morris is a young, gritty coach with many years of possibility ahead of him. This brings us, to Questionable Tuesday. Both Andy Reid and Norv Turner were retained by birds and powder blue bolts. Interesting stat of the day a la @SI_PeterKing, "Wins in last 3 yrs--Turner 30, Reid 29. Playoff wins in last 3 yrs--Turner 0, Reid 0."
Let's start with Coach Turner. After a 4-1 start, and a shaky AFC West, the Chargers looked to be in the driver's seat, until that is, they got a flat tire, ran out of gas, and needed to replace the timing belt. Enter 6 game losing streak. The past tends to repeat itself and AFC Championship predictions are usually replaced by streaky wins and losses where the Chargers can go from looking like the '07 Patriots to a Rick Moranis coached Little Giants team (beginning of the movie) battling it out for the title of the best Coach O'Shea in Urbania. But, in Charger fashion, one streak had to end and another began, ending the 6 game losing streak and finishing the season with a bitter 4-1 cherry on top. The Chargers have missed the playoffs 2 years in a row, and when they did earn a berth, they had little to no success (save the '07 Championship game loss). Excellence was expected and mediocrity was delivered. Bad starts and underachieving have been the story of Norv Turner's regime so far, and instead of trying to right the ship, it looks like the team from San Diego will continue to lean towards middle of the pack. While the Chargers hurried into the playoffs their former running back, the best offseason acquisition hurried into opposing defenses with one of the greatest offenses of all time, donning the black & gold.

Speaking of the best offseason acquisition, it was not supposed to be the 5 ft. 6 inch running back, but rather the 6 ft. 2 inch, 4x All-Pro cornerback, Nnamdi Asomugha. The most coveted free agent of the past offseason, Nnamdi turned down playing opposite Darrelle Revis, to put wings on his helmet and join the dream team in South Philly. Andy Reid's dream team that is. Since taking the reins in 1999, Andy has 9 playoff appearances, 6 NFC East titles, and 1 NFC Championship. Not bad. In fact, pretty good. The only problem is, Andy gets no coffee, why? BECAUSE COFFEE IS FOR CLOSERS (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-AXTx4PcKI). Big Andy has gotten his team to the dance, but that same team usually twists an ankle (or throws up during the Super Bowl, too much of mom's chunky soup Donovan)? Sometimes itís just time for a change of scenery, like when Asante Samuel went from not tackling in New England, to not tackling in Philadelphia. Big Red needs a change of scenery, and oddly enough it looks like he would have fit best out in sunny San Diego, but that's a horse of a different color. Eaglesí owner, Jeffrey Lurie said yesterday at his press conference that was more useless than Matt Barkley's, "This was, without question, the most disappointing season since I've owned the team. It's completely unacceptable." The move he made next? Keep status quo.

Even the 2010 Comeback Player of the Year at Quarterback, a Pro Bowl Wide Receiver/Returner, a successful trade for another Pro Bowl Cornerback to add to the one they already had (that's 2 so far), adding the most highly sought after free agent on the market (3rd Pro Bowl Cornerback), a cornerstone of the 2010 Super Bowl Champion Packers Defensive Line, and a more than serviceable backup running back, 2 year removed from a Pro Bowl, but with a history of bad knees (who cannot make goal line throws FYI) the 2011 Dream Team finished a disappointing 8-8 after a hard push towards the end of the season to make it a salvageable one. This past, shortened, locked out offseason, Coach Reid made his Offensive Line coach his Defensive Coordinator. HE MADE HIS OFFENSIVE LINE COACH HIS DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR. Could the move have worked out? Maybe, but owner Lurie put it best, "There was a miscalculation in implementing big scheme changes." A major overhaul to the defense was not the right move in a shortened offseason.

No one remembers division champs or people who lose in the NFC Championship game. People remember winners. As much as I can't stand to say it, this town deserves a winner. The fan base is too passionate and the city is too emotionally invested to get thrown out at home plate year in and year out. As Owen Hart (RIP) would say, "Its Time 4 a Change." Arguably the best coach in the history of the franchise should hand over arguably the best roster in the history of the franchise to someone new. For better or for worse, Andy Reid was the Eagles coach. Do you value the division titles and consistant playoff appearances over a title? Is giving yourself a chance every year good enough or is 11 years with no jewelry with that many chances too long? If Reid was let go this year, the Eagles would have to eat a good amount of the money they owe to him, instead they'll continue to eat some Pat's or Geno's steaks wit wiz, and hope that next year's dream team isn't another nightmare. Maybe if coaching doesn't work out, he can help out the NFL's Punt, Pass, & Kick competition that he once was a part of (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPmIvislRbU&feature=related).