View Full Version : Bottom 20 Off Season Preview

01-10-2012, 13:55
Most of you visiting this blog are most probably Giants fans, sitting at your desks hoping the clock strikes (closing time) already, looking through this and that in preparation for this Sunday's festivities. The G-Men, despite injuries and turmoil, and largely on the right arm of Eli Manning, have made it to the Second Season, the Tournament as Coach Coughlin calls it. There are games yet to enjoy for Giants fans, at least one of them at the New Giants Stadium. Things are good.

For the fans of the NFL's Bottom 20, all that's left are bitter what-ifs that will grow slowly into hope as the winter melts into spring. Fans of the Bottom 20, from the long-suffering (Colts, Rams) to the recently bereaved (Raiders, Titans) - we Giants fans know what it is like, and we feel your pain (that is not just talk - there were several times this season when I was sure the Giants would be among these ranks). This is why I offer you the following Off-Season Preview. Hope springs eternal; look forward, fair fans, and dream again.

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