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01-10-2012, 14:01

Next Week: Giants head up to Lambeau to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. It is important, in my mond, to point out that this Giants season should be seen as a success. Lest we forget, the talk wasn't of playoff bids, but of how many holes the Giants had, created by injury or otherwise. The defense was ravaged: Terrell Thomas, Michael Coe, Jon Goff, 2nd rounder Marvin Austin. Giants signed former COlts starting DB Justin Tyron to fill a hole - he gets hurt. The Giants LBs are mainly rookie FAs and 6th or 7th round picks. On the offense, KR and potential starter at WR Domenik Hixon goes down, Giants sign former Super Bowl villan Brandon Stokely before he gets hurt then cut. Our starting TE hadn't even been a full time starter at Ohio State. Giants fans watched this team fall apart, look inept and uninterested, squabbling over the WFAN airwaves, only to bounce back, win the last two games when it counted, and win their first playoff game at the New Giants Stadium. Now, it's on (to) Wisconsin. I won't bother with the similarities to 2007 - you've already heard that. It is the passrush and the big play that got the Giants this far, and it is what they will need in this game. Unless Perry Fewell channels Romeo Crennell, this Packers team will light up that scoreboard. The best way to limit them is to bash Aaron Rodgers, who has a deadly quick release and a wonderful playcaller in Mike McCarthy, but who does not have the benefit of a healthy or particularly talented OLine. Even the mightiest QBs fear being phsyically mauled for 4 hours, so if the rush can throw Rodgers off, the Giants D can keep the team in the game. As for the offense, Eli Manning and his merry band of gamebreakers will need to make plays and ELIMINATE DROPS, but there seems to me to be a more important predictor of the Giants success this week: Brandon Jacobs. Since he took over as primary back from Tiki Barber in 2007, the Giants have always been at their best when Jacobs is running hard and running angry. When they start with #27 and just slam the rock into the line, get Jacobs running in that defensive secondary looking for the next highlight, everything works for the Giants. They keep a swifter tempo, Eli looks better in the pocket. If you doubt me, watch the 2007 run, or the pre_Plax 2008 games. Or hell, look at the games more recently when, due to injury, ball security or discipline, Jacobs began the game. This does not mean he needs the most carries, just carries at the right time. Yes, Bradshaw is the starter, but this week, Tom would do well to let Brandon be the Tone Setter.

To digress for literally a sentence or two: I write a blog focused on the off season mainly because I cannot stand to predict Giants games, especially important ones. This is another situation where, if I were ever to be paid for this, I would need to be a professional - objective, cool, detached. That is not how I feel currently. Though the Packers may be a spectacular team with an All-World QB, the Giants might be on another of their classic Coughlin-era rolls, usually reserved for early season but occasionally busted out during the playoffs. NO WHAMMY, NO WHAMMY, NO WHAMMY... Giants 35, Packers 31.

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