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01-12-2012, 14:46
MVP - This is an award that has gone back and forth from analyst to writer. Who’s the real winner? Why? Should we split it? It’s been done before, but one person should win. I’m going to take a page out of Mike Golic’s book. These two quarterbacks have had two of the best individual seasons to ever happen in the history of the NFL. People do not always like nit-picking, but when the seasons are this close; nit-picking is what decides it. Early in the season, the media was saying Rodgers was having one of the best seasons of any quarterback, ever. A great, late season run by Brees seemed to sway even the most confident of Rodgers supporters. Rodgers has had 8 less interceptions, and only 1 less touchdown pass, and for what it’s worth, played with a worse running game. He also has about 800 less yards, but played in at least on less game. I think the kicker for this argument comes down to record; 15-1 vs. 13-3. Both great records, but again, nit-picking. Brees’ touchdown to interception ratio in his 3 losses of 5-5 (2 of those teams had a combined winning total of 6 games, and the other team being the Packers). Is he the main reason for the losses? No. But, a very average performance in losses on your team records leads me to give the nod to the founder of the Discount Double-Check.

Offensive Player of the Year – With all of that being said, the best offensive player this year was Drew Brees. Breaking Marino’s passing record (yes, I know Brady did too). Some say Drew is a product of the system he plays in. He very well could be, but just because the plays are called, does not mean they necessarily get executed. Drew benefitted from a pass happy offense, but more from hard work and a great work ethic.

Defensive Player of the Year – This man back flipped his way into the eyes of NFL fans during his combine. Jason Pierre-Paul in only his second year played on a higher level than most. Finishing fourth in sacks (16.5 with the most being 22.0), JPP also had 86 tackles. The next person on the sack list with more tackles than him is Roman Harper with 95 tackles, and 7.5 sacks (ranked 33). Add in one safety, 2 forced fumbles, 1 block kick, and a ton of batted down passes and downfield tackles, this defensive end will continue a long tradition of excellence at that position for Big Blue.

Offensive Rookie of the Year –Is there any question? Some stats just to name a few: Most passing yards by a rookie in a game, Most passing yards by a rookie in a season, Fastest player to throw for 1,000 yards, First player in NFL history with 4,000+ pass yards and 10+ rush TDs in a season, First player in NFL history with 4,000+ pass yards and 500+ rush yards in a season, and Most Total Touchdowns by a rookie. PS, there are about 12 other records he broke(The most impressive of all may be rejuvenating a player in Steve Smith that wanted to bolt for a more elite quarterback ). Ladies and Gentlemen, Cam Newton.

Defensive Rookie of the Year – Von Miller. A throwback type player, this second overall pick burst onto the scene to help lead the AFC West division champs into the playoffs. With a Pro Bowl going under his belt for his first season powered by 11.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles, this rookie is backing up his selection as being picked 2nd overall.

Coach of the Year – College coaches can’t coach in the NFL. That’s what a lot of people say. He had Andrew Luck, that’s why he was great. Well, his pedigree superseded all of the clichés. Jim Harbaugh took a 6-10 49ers team and turned them into division champs with a 1st round playoff bye. A quarterback in what seemed to be the pathetic Alex Smith was handled ever so delicately, with extreme care like a newborn child. Alex did exactly what was asked of him, which was following the leader. Manage the game, let the defense and run game do what it has to do, just don’t mess up. Harbaugh has his team, the Bay area, and now the rest of the nation believing.

Front Office of the Year – A wide receiver with numbers for a name, and a roster of thugs seems like a long time ago. Mike Brown, the GM of the Bengals not only got rid of his headaches that lasted for years, but invested in an iffy rookie quarterback and a stud receiver who have exceeded all expectations. He also pulled off the steal of the decade getting two first round picks for a quarterback he had sitting on the couch. The Bungles no more! The future is a bright as the hair of the man under center, all thanks to the man in the front office.

Disappointing Team of the Year – Eagles. The self-proclaimed “Dream Team” was projected as the 2nd best team in the NFC by CBS Sports in their preseason ranking. After the biggest free agent acquisition, and many other pieces put into place, the Iggles were supposed to be the pride of the NFC. They finished with a disappointing 8-8 record and a crowd chanting for their coach to be ousted (Close 2a and 2b – Cowboys and Chargers).

Best FA Acquisition - Darren Sproles, period. With 603 rushing yards (average of 6.9), 710 receiving yards 9 total touchdowns, 0 fumbles, and a spark to the return game, Sproles catapulted an already explosive offense into a different level. He would make something out of nothing, and outrun some of the fastest tacklers in the league. At only 5’6” tall, he sometimes seemed to be the biggest player on the field.

Comeback Player of the Year – After missing a season and a half D’Qwell Jackson picked up right where he left off. The 2006 pick led the NFL in tackles in 2008, tore his pectoral muscle and in his first full season since the injury, led the AFC in tackles. Welcome back Mr. Jackson.

Comeback Player Who Went Right Back Where He Came From – Mike Vick. Although it would be hard to duplicate his 2010 season, Starship 7 took a step back. He finished with a lower completion percentage, less passing touchdowns, and more than double the interceptions that he had last year, playing one more game than he did last year as well. Not to mention 9 rushing touchdowns with 4 fumbles in 2010, with 1 rushing touchdown and 7 fumbles this year. Vick just didn’t look right this year, like he was trying too hard. We’ll see if he can return to his 2010 form or if he’s regressed for good.

Your Team Would Be Nowhere Without You Award (because no one would give him MVP) – He finished with the sixth most passing yards in NFL history, 4th most this season, and less than 70 shy of 5,000. He broke the Patriots home winning streak of 20 consecutive games, and led his team to a division title when they were picked to finished 3rd. Out of the top quarterbacks, he had one of the worst offensive lines, was throwing to an undrafted rookie who he turned into a record breaking receiver, and a “blocking” tight end. He also the worst rushing attack in the NFL. Eli Manning said he was in Tom Brady’s class, and he proved it.

Boy Who Cried Wolf Award– 3 years in a row? When is enough, enough? I think Rex has already said he’s going to win the Super Bowl. Believe it or not, Coach Ryan, if you keep saying the same thing over and over and it doesn’t happen, people won’t listen anymore and you’ll be eaten by the wolves.

Little Engine That Could Award – Texans. All the pieces fell into place. Peyton Manning out for the year, an abysmal Jaguars squad, and an average Titans team. The Texans were set up to make the playoffs for the first time in their history. Then, their best defensive player lost for the season. Their best wide receiver in and out of games with a bad hamstring. Starting quarterback goes down. Second string quarterback goes down. Third string rookie quarterback comes in. The team never looked back. Carried by an amazing ground game, a fired up defensive unit, and a rookie QB who didn’t disappoint, this team kept on trucking. People stepped up when others went down and the Texans romped their opposition in their first ever playoff win.

Enough is Enough Award – Chargers/Cowboys. Every year is their year. They’ll be in the Championship game for their conference, and a lot of people have them in the Super Bowl. Romo/Rivers, Rivers/Romo, everyone is always talking about how great they are/can be/will be. Rivers is the king of regular season stats and Romo blows it in big spots. Enough is Enough.

Fanbase of the Year– Indianapolis Colts. They may be the only team in the history of any sport, where their team can have a terrible season, finish with the worst record, and no matter what happens (Luck or Peyton or Peyton and Luck) their fan base will be ecstatic for the next season because they know they will be good again. Congrats Colts fans, looks like you’ve suffered your worst season of the past 10 and probably of your next 10.

The Person I Feel Most Sorry For Award - Hue Jackson. The raiders were a mess to begin with. They were having an OK season then, they trade away two first round draft picks for a quarterback who hasn’t played in a year with a bum knee and expect them to just win right out of the gate? The Raiders mortgaged their future for Carson Palmer. Was it a waste? Who knows, but at least give Hue time to figure it out. Jackson is the unfortunate circumstance of a GM trying to put his stamp on this team and starting over.

Gutless player(s) Award – The Jets “source(s)” who called Mark Sanchez lazy and who want Peyton Manning. Mark Sanchez may not be the best quarterback in the NFL and he may very well be lazy, but if you have something to say, man up and put your name on it. People criticize McElroy for calling out the lack of leadership and the locker room problems, but at least we know who said it.

The Boss
01-13-2012, 11:01
IsJ.P.P not a rookie this year?

01-13-2012, 12:27
no he was drafted in 2010, had 4.5 sacks last year. and a missed sack on vince young that cost the giants the game.