View Full Version : Yankees trading Montero and Noesi for Pineda and Campos.

01-13-2012, 22:55
What a crazy day for the New York Yankees. They were quiet all offseason, except for signing CC, but that was done very quickly. They have said that their goal is to get themselves under the luxury tax cap for the next couple of years. Then all of a sudden the news breaks that the Yankees have traded Jesus Montero and Hector Noesi for Michael Pineda and Jose Campos. What type of pitcher did the Yankees get in Pineda? Did they make a good deal?

Going into last year, Pineda was one of the biggest prospects in baseball. He started off the year with a bang. 8-6 with a 3.03 era and 9.0 k/9 in the first half. Prospects in baseball can only dream of starting off like this. The struggle for Pineda came in the second half when he was 1-4 with a 5.12 era and 9.3 k/p. Hitters began to figure him out and he needed to make adjustments. July was Pineda's worst month. He pitched to a 6.75 era. The question is, did he improve over the next 3 months? His ERA in August dropped over 2 runs to 4.70. The improvement continued in September/October when his ERA dropped to 4.00.

After his worst month, Pineda's ERA dropped 2.75 runs per game. That is a staggering stat for any pitcher, let alone a rookie. This is the type of improvement that is eye popping to not only other players, but fans and GMs as well. The change in ERA shows that Pineda was able to make successful adjustments to his pitching and gives hope for Pineda’s future.

As a Yankee fan myself, one stat that is important to the fans is how did Pineda pitch against the Red Sox? Well, the answer to the question is not the a good one. 0-1 14.45 ERA, 4.1 innings 7 earned. Those numbers are scary to look at, but it was only one start and he should improve. Only time will tell.

After adding him to the Yankees, the rotation for 2012 will look something like:

CC Sabathia
Michael Pineda
Ivan Nova
Hiroki Kuroda (Signed a 1 year deal right after the trade was completed)

Pineda should take some pressure off of Nova and maybe take some pressure off of CC. On paper, this rotation can be considered one of the top in baseball, but it could take some time for the young arms to develop to their full potential.

The consensus seems to be that this is a bad trade for the Yankees because, Montero has 35-40 homerun potential and could be a force in the lineup for years to come. While this may be true, a player like Montero can be found anywhere. Every year a new hitter is coming up and lighting up the league. However, a pitcher like Pineda does not come around very often.

Also, where was Montero going to play for the Yankees? They did not see him as a catcher going forward. The only position that seemed reasonable was right field. For the coming season, that is occupied by Swisher. Trading Montero today makes me believe that the Yankees really did not see Montero as a right fielder. He could have been the starting DH, but did the Yankees want him as the DH considering that spot is used for the aging stars? Probably not. The Yankees had a great piece to trade and held out and got the best possible deal they could get. Overall, this trade makes perfect sense for the Yankees. Yankees fans should be excited about this trade and excited about the overall direction of the Yankees organization.

The Boss
01-13-2012, 23:35
Imagine Monteros bat in Right for the next 15 years!

01-14-2012, 05:51
Great move for NYY...not sure it makes sense for Seattle. I believe in hoarding young pitching when needing to "rebuild"...Pineda fits that mold and has already shown he can dominate.

01-14-2012, 09:27
With that ballpark, Seattle can really throw any average pitcher out there and he can have success. Their biggest problem all these years has been hitting. Since Montero has 35-40 homerun potential, that is just what they are looking for.

01-14-2012, 19:14
This is a great deal for the Yankees. I had mixed feelings at first, since I loved Montero's performance in the postseason. However, Pineda is the pitching prospect the Yanks kill for and they didn't have a definitive full time spot for Montero.

01-15-2012, 19:52
This move was about the future just as much if not more than the present.Anybody who knows baseball knows that come postseason it is pitching that gets you that ring,not the bats.How many times as a NYY fan do you need to see guys like Arod or Tex,who are big name bats,stuggle against good pitching staffs in the playoffs.Pineda just 22 who has shown he already can get major leaguers out, will solidy not only a rotation this yr,but for many yrs to come.Montero might be missed but more importantly Cashman very wisely added a potent chip without trading any of the precious Killer B's in Banuelos,Betances.A rotation maybe not next yr but the following might look like CC,Pineda,Banuelos,Nova,Betances.Now thats something that gets me excoted about not just this trade ,but the future prospects of the Yankees rotation.

PS Oh by the way, they also acquired in the trade an 18 yr old pitcher by the name of Campos.He just throws a cool 96 MPH and scouts consider his stuff to be electric !

The Boss
01-15-2012, 20:24
We have seen the Yankees go after young pitchers before and many times they dont pan out. If Pineda is a good starter for his career then its a good deal, but I have no real reason to think this guy is the 2nd coming. Lots of guys look good at 22. I just happen to have more confidence that Montero is going to be a big bat then that Pineda is going to have a big arm.

01-15-2012, 20:54
It is easier to be a solid bat than a solid arm, but it is a chance that the Yankees needed to take. There was no real spot for Montero and they always need pitching.

01-16-2012, 09:10
Agree, it is certainly easier to find a solid bat then young arm with huge upside.Young guns like Pineda are an extremely hot commodity in baseball..Just look at what the Reds gave up for Matt Latos..And besides, everybody fails to mention the Yankees farm has depth at the catcher position..Again I reiterate to NYY fans what I had posted earlier,anytime u question this trade just envision the pitching staff in 2 yrs from now..CC,Pineda,Banuelos,Nova,Betances..OMG !