View Full Version : Why The Yankees Should Re-sign Eric Chavez

01-14-2012, 19:56
Since the Yankees did not sign Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima, they are still in need of another infielder, particularly a third basemen. It’s uncertain if Eric Chavez will return to the Yankees because other teams are also interested in signing him.

Though the Yankees have Eduardo Nuñez, Ramiro Peña, and Brandon Laird for back-up, they’re not sufficient backup. Nuñez made several errors last year, which has ruined his reputation for me to see him as a sufficient player. Peña, who has yet to bounce-back, after missing two months from an appendectomy last season, is only good at the back-up level. Though the Yankees say they will use Laird for back-up, he didn’t play that many games for the last season, filling in for while Peña was recuperating, then playing in September as a call-up. Though Laird was good, he's still learning the field and isn’t ready to play a significant amount of games in an entire season yet. Laird likely won’t start the season on the team, and I don’t see the Yankees having Nuñez, Peña, and Laird replacing Chavez, if they don’t sign another infielder.
The Yankees need Chavez. He is a better fielder than Nuñez, Peña, and Laird. Despite his history of injuries and spending some time on the DL last season, Chavez is reliable. He was a sufficient fielder before and after his injury.
I would rather have Chavez as back-up to A-Rod, with Nuñez as back-up to Chavez, and Peña being a back-up to Jeter and Cano, only playing third base in an emergency situation. Laird would be the emergency call-up. I don’t know if any other infielder in our minor league system is major league ready, even at the back-up level. The only other person left to fill that spot is Francisco Cervelli, who was used once, last season, at third base in an emergency. Bottom line, Chavez is needed, and the Yankees may regret it if they don’t re-sign him.


The Boss
01-14-2012, 21:57
Chavez is reliable. I agree the Yanks would be wise to sign him, but... what? Reliable how?

01-15-2012, 20:56
He should be re-signed, but I would not consider an injury prone player to be reliable.

01-16-2012, 18:29
I remember Adam The Bull promising Chavez would be hurt if he played, two days later he was hurt. Who breaks their foot running in a circle?