View Full Version : What in God's name happened to Jason Bay ? Thoughts everybody please

01-16-2012, 18:41
This is a topic I really find of interest in listening to everybody's opinion. What is wrong with Jason Bay ? Because every time I do hear an answer it's completely different from one person to the next..The most popular response that I hear time and time again is simply " I have no idea " ..I'm not just talking about fans but scouts, guys in the game claim there really isn't a conclusive answer.It's a complete mystery ! I'm not suggesting that everybody who don't succeed in baseball has a definitive answer why,but at least you'll here excuses like he changed his batting stance,lost bat speed,maybe injuries..Nope not Jason Bay.A .280 hitter who was good for 30 HR and was a decent run producer throughout his career for both Boston and Pittsburgh can't do anything better than hit lazy popups or ground ball singles,and that's at his best,if he's on a hot streak.To have a player with his type of contract, for a team that has a huge financial burden hanging over their heads while in rebuilding mode is a complete DISASTER ! Is their any hope,any chance the Mets could get or do anything about this guy?
I would love to hear everybody's responses & reasoning for the Bay slump and also thoughts on if there is any glimmer of hope whatsoever in the Met career of Jason Bay

The Boss
01-16-2012, 21:18
Try to keep these titles as short as you can. No need to tell people to give their thoughts in the title.