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01-16-2012, 21:48
First and foremost...holy &^%$% that was a hell of an experience. The response to @WFANgiantsnews throughout the weekend was phenomenal, and hopefully picks up even more for this week.

Now to my observations:

1. The Giants defense was near flawless

One rogue personal foul in the 4th quarter, and one questionable offsides call (looked like the RG moved to me) were the only penalties I remember on the defense. They were able to keep Rodgers uncomfortable all day with mostly a 4 man rush, which is something no other team would be able to do except SF. By avoiding the need to blitz, the eliminated the big play. They also only blew a coverage from what I could see on one play, and they caught a break that Jennings was overthrown. That may not have even been a blown coverage, but rather Rodgers and Jennings just freelancing on a scramble.

2. Eli took his calm pills

That stadium was ROCKING from the opening drive until the score to go up 30-20 with 6.5 mins left. I couldn't hear myself think, let alone take a play call and make audibles at the LOS. Other than the time out on the first possession, the noise did not bother him ONE BIT. The interception was definitely a forced throw, but he sat tall in the pocket and delivered money throw after money throw all day.

3. Nicks reminds us he is the man

Nothing against Cruz...he had a great season and will be a good target for Eli for years to come. But I hope yesterday reminded everyone who the clear #1 is on that receiving core. For the second straight week, the same guy who "doesn't have breakaway speed" according to draft scouts, took a medium depth pass, made a couple guys miss, and outran EVERYONE to the endzone. Combine that with his strong hands, leaping ability, and an apparent refusal to let one man take him down, and the Giants have themselves a legitimate star to pair with a side of Salsa.

4. Homer Central

The refs were terrible. I'll leave it at that because they won anyway, but wow, bad calls and even worse no-calls all day. Seemed like they were State Farm customers looking for a discount triple check instead of the standard double check.

Whoever runs the video board - I've seen home teams play a replay to give their team a chance to challenge a play, but these guys took it to a whole other level. The first fumble on the kickoff was replayed EIGHT times...in slow mo...over and over and over. McCarthy was STARING at the board for what seemed like an eternity as he stood on the field debating with the refs to buy time.

Packers fans - very hospitable and in a way sort of "innocent". Lord knows what would have been done/said to them if the tables were turned and that game was at Metlife...yikes. A few "down in front" rants and a scattered "Eli sucks" was pretty much it. But, I was surprised at the lack of football IQ and "fair-weatheredness" from fans of such a storied franchise. I guess the lack of anything else going on in Green Bay besides Packer football would naturally create homer fans, but WOW some were clueless. Having to explain to the Packer fan sitting behind me why Rodgers HAD to take a 4th down sack instead of just chucking the ball up for grabs into coverage just blew my mind. I shouldn't have to tell a GB fan they have the best and probably the smartest QB in the NFC (possibly the NFL). It just seems they love the Packers just because they LOVE the Packers, not because they love and understand football. The flow of fans to the exits was shocking with a 10 point deficit and 6.5 minutes left in the game though. Again...AARON RODGERS IS YOUR QB!!! I was not comfortable until about 5 minutes AFTER the final seconds ticked off the clock in the 4th quarter...

5. Ticket Prices

$75 for a seat 30 rows from the back of the endzone during the regular season, $118 for the playoffs. From a broker, $199 for that seat. 2 tickets, 2 round trip flights, and 1 rental car later and my wife and I had an INCREDIBLE weekend and got to experience a Giants playoff game in LAMBEAU FREAKING FIELD! For the same $ we spent on the trip last weekend, we MAY have been able to get 2 seats in the upper deck at Metlife, but would have to spend another $400 on binoculars strong enough to see which color the team on offense was wearing. I am fully aware of a difference in the cost of living and median salaries between GB and NYC/NJ...but come on. Its not at all proportionate, and its a damn shame. I'd bet that at least HALF of the dedicated fans who made the trip to GB and relentlessly cheered on the boys in blue would not have even considered buying tix to the same game if it were at Metlife.

6. My friend the prophet

Just a quick story. I stayed with a former teammate of mine from UAlbany who grew up in Staten Island and recently moved to Madison, WI. He predicted a ridiculous # of events during the game. "Good call Eli...he just checked to a draw play." Draw to Bradshaw. "Tynes is going to miss this." Ok fine...most of us have that in the back of our minds on most of his kicks anyway. "Defense is going to force a TO...a sack fumble actually. These fans get the wind knocked out of them on sack fumbles." Cue an Osi strip special.

Then there was the kicker. "Kenny Phillips is going to make a HUGE play on this drive...I'm feeling a turnover caused by him. Then Manningham is going to catch the TD that puts it away." I swear I'm not making this up. I didn't even realize the ball was fumbled until I saw Blackburn heading towards the endzone, and wouldn't you know it, the stadium announcer said "Kenny Phillips forces the fumble, 1st down Giants." My jaw dropped, and stayed there wide open as Manningham caught a TD...

Seriously...scouts honor...this ALL happened.


Its easy but needs to be said. Win the TO battle. They have the only defense that can match the front 4 pressure the Giants bring. They are a legitimate, dominant defense. Pair that with a ball control offense, and you cannot give them extra chances to put points on the board. Alex Smith is playing confident, but if the defense can eliminate Frank Gore like they did Michael Turner, they can get to him. He has shown a knack for avoiding mistakes, but his running game is a big factor in that. Forcing him to throw more often and frequently under duress will create more opportunities for mistakes.

A matchup to watch will be Boley v Davis. He is Smith's favorite target and a dangerous weapon at TE. Boley is a good coverage LB and his importance is clear when you compare the defense during his injury to the games since he has returned.

I anticipate less 3 safety personnel than last week (a monkey could probably make that prediction though). Kiwi will have to be a big factor in stopping the run this week after seeing limited time last week against the pass happy Packers. They would love to keep putting SF in 2nd or 3rd and long situations to bring in the 3rd safety and release the pass rushing hounds. They do that by stopping the run.

This is going to be a snot-busting, old school, bust-your-face-in matchup. As Antonio Pierce said this morning (this is more a paraphrase than a quote), "What happened to those NFC 'elite' QB's that everyone has been saying are changing the way the game is played? They were sent home by strong defense. Just sayin'..."

The Boss
01-17-2012, 13:37
Everybody is saying the fans were nice. That game put a ton of money into a small city so I guess they feel they should be polite. You think of Green Bay as a huge Packers town, but not being there you really don't know what's real. Sounds like they just might not have anything else to do.

01-17-2012, 14:16
You're 100% right. They were very nice...too nice for most of us jaded New Yorkers haha. Someone would say, "Hey good luck today, welcome to Lambeau." My initial reaction is to want to say, "What the hell is THAT supposed to mean??? You messing with me????" haha

From talking to my buddy's girlfriend who was born and raised in Madison, the Packers are ALL the people in GB have, which is why they love their team so much.

01-17-2012, 15:41
I feel like this is a common theme. It seems like the majority of small town teams in any sport are very nice to everyone.

01-17-2012, 18:58
More like any teams other than NY or Philly haha.

01-17-2012, 20:34
I am trying to rack my brain to think if it is anywhere other than NY or Philly. Maybe Boston?