View Full Version : Better ballpark to watch a game in Citi Field or Yankee Stadium ?

01-17-2012, 10:32
Im being dead serious in asking this question.Now I know that Yankee Stadium is the more glamorous between the two.It is the one with the huge diamond vision screen,top of the line restaurants, and more options for fans to participate in.But if u ask me the question which one would I rather be in to watch and enjoy just a ballgame in my choice would be Citi Field.Its just got more of that ballpark feel to it.I know my way around the joint like its my own living room.A very cozy feeling there.As for Yankee stadium I can get lost just going the bathroom.I never remember where they serve my favorite food or beer.And God for bid you get up in between innings to get something to eat,drink,or piss, you will on line for 3 innings.I feel like people are hanging all over me.Now I understand that has alot to do with the Mets being awful so obviously there are less fans moving around,but thats fine.All I'm saying regardless of being a Met fan or NYY fan if you offered me tickets just to watch a game I would get excited going to Citi Field.If I had my choice of free tickets to either ballpark,Im going to Citi and I'm excited about it.Where as going to Yankee Stadium feels to me feels like a huge process,alot of work just getting to your seat.It drains me.Its exhausting ! .Call me nuts,but thats my honest opinion.Let me know what you guys think....

01-17-2012, 15:45
I was actually having this discussion with a couple friends last year. One friend made this comment and I thought it was perfect. Citi Field is a ballpark and Yankee Stadium is an airport.

Citi Field is the better baseball stadium no questions asked. That is coming from a Yankees fan.

01-17-2012, 22:50
great ! i needed a NYY fan to agree so people dont think Im crazy..But an airport is a perfect description of NYY stadium..Kennedy Airport

01-18-2012, 11:08
I would have to say I prefer to watch a game @ Citifield over Yankee Stadium...

But that's just me...I don't like crowds.