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01-17-2012, 18:15
A lot of names are being thrown out there to fill the Yankees "vacant" DH spot. But, we'll get back to that list in a bit. I use the term vacant loosely since Montero wasn't slated to be a full time DH, and they'll need that spot to spell A-Rod and Jeter from playing the field at times. Which means the next player they sign will likely be Eric Chavez or someone else that can play the infield off the bench along with Nunez. Chavez will likely cost the Yankees the 1-2 million they claim they only have the ability to spend. In which case, they would likely give Triple-A slugger Jorge Vasquez a shot as the regular DH.
For the sake of our entertainment, let's say the Yankees decide to spend a little more than they say they're willing to and also sign a DH. Some names that have come up are Damon, Matsui, Carlos Pena, Jack Cust (yeah he's still around), Raul Ibanez, and Vlad Guerrero. I can't see the Yankees even thinking about Cust. Pena will cost too much and wants to play first base. I could see the Yankees signing one of the remaining players from that list. But, only on their terms, which would be 1 year for very little money (1-3 million). That could happen considering the pool is so deep, however, the likely season ending injury to Victor Martinez today will stop the prices from dropping too much, since the Tigers will be in the market for a DH as well. Long story short, don't be surprised if Jorge Vasquez is the Yankees DH on Opening Day.

The Boss
01-17-2012, 18:23
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