View Full Version : Ike Davis dont blame Met doctors..

01-18-2012, 09:59
Anthony Rieber of Newsday says Ike Davis does not blame the medical staff for the treatment of his ankle injury despite putting the ankle in a boot and more than likely causing restricted circulation in his foot and ankle.
According to Newday, Davis stated:

ďI wasnít really angry because I didnít know what was going on. I think that MRIs sometimes are misleading ó now that Iíve had 55 of them, Iíve learned a little bit about MRIs. Itís so person-to-person how your bone reacts or how you heal. One guy might heal in two weeks. I took five, six months. Ö What Iíve learned from talking to doctors is they didnít have an idea when it would heal. It wasnít like a clear-cut ĎHe broke his bone.í It was like, ĎWeíll see.í Because thatís all they could really do. Ö I knew that it would heal eventually and if I had to get surgery to have a chance to play, I would have to do surgery. I think we made the right decisions, everybody, and the doctors were great at the end and not wanting me to do the surgery, too.Ē

Is Davis telling the truth here or is he just covering up for the organization that he's playing for ? Regardless this is just another addition to the many mishaps of the Met trainers & docrors