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01-19-2012, 09:41
Fine..Jose Reyes is old news,spilled milk..The bigger question is going to be almost the same exact situation that might take place for David Wright..My feeling is the Mets knew all along once Reyes got hurtr for the first time last yr that they were not going to get his full value in a trade..So they decided to atleast make it appear to fans that they would sign him and build around him in the future.The Mets still needed to sell tickets u know,whether you want to believe that played a factor or not is your choice..My belief is it was all a ploy to sell tickets and ownership wanted to appease a frustrated and disheartened fan base.Now almost the very same situation comes about with David Wright..Off injuries and sub par performances the last couple yrs, if Wright gets off to a huge 1st half of baseball do you trade him at his peak value ? Or do you hang on and decide to build the future around a guy Met fans are already so frustrated with.Regardless as a Met fan, you either hope they trade him at the right time or make it their business regardless of the price to sign him..Judging by the disastrous financial state of the ownership,Met fans should make their voices loud and clear..TRADE DAVID WRIGHT !!!!

01-20-2012, 10:02
I think this is going to be a hot debate. The Mets have him under control until the end of next season, so I think the more likely thing is that this will get decided next year.

It seems that the best thing to do would be to hold onto him this year and hope that 1) The Mets financial mess gets a little more straightened out and maybe they can free up some money and 2) The Mets will be able to better judge how close they are to putting a decent team on the field. We keep hearing about these supposed stud pitchers that are 1-2 years away so they will probably have a better feel of the future of this team after another year of minor league under these prospects belt

Also I believe I just read that if a team trades for Wright this year and he voids his option than the team that traded for him will not be entitled to any picks, which means he may have more value next year.

Either way, if the Mets start losing I think this will be the story of the summer. I also think that if the Mets don't think they are close to contending in the near future Wright is not going to be back.