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01-19-2012, 12:18
Can a Met fan dream ? just for now, anyway.
OK, Im gonna look at the glass half full here and try to figure out a way the Mets can shock all of baseball and actually have a great season. Lets start at !b,Ike Davis comes back healthy as an ox and shows off the power that we saw last yr before the injury...He hits .30+ HR and is a run producing machine in middle of the order.Daniel Murphy starts right where he left off before getting hurt last yr and hits .320 ,and is actually in contention for the batting title into Sep..Torres makes Alderson look like a genius off the Pagan trade as he has a similar yr to that he had for SF 2 yrs ago. he fills Reyes' shoes as that sparkplug that gets on base with speed..Jason Bay finally snaps out of his Mets swoon that lasted for yrs,he offers Ike Davis some much needed protection in the lineup and finally finds that power stroke that he once showed.He even shows some suprising speed on the basepaths as Collins lets him run a bit now that he's healthy..Ruben Tejada shows some gold glove at ss making 1 sparkling play after another..Duda is the biggest suprise of em all as he hits some clutch moonshot HRs and automatically becomes a fan fav as fans start chanting "DUDA.DUDA "..but best of them all is David Wright in the 3 slot ,figures out it was all a mental issue regarding the fences and has a MVP caliber yr, .335 35 HR 110 RBI 27 SB, yeah.Im gettin excited just talking about it.Alderson cant trade em cause team is in contention and Met fans would go bonkers..Pitching staff is not lights out but solid,get the job done..They show alot of grit,the will to win and manager Terry Collins loves that about them.And the bullpen that was patched together with other team"s leftovers but provided depth, have career yrs..Francisco did show some talent in the past you know..Manager Terry Collins is up for manager of the yr.The Mets are the talk of baseball..Beautiful Citi field is packed & electric..Now yes,thats alot that needs to go right for it to work but it does happen in sports,baseball..Why cant it happen for the Mets ? Why cant it happen,just once..Thats the beauty of baseball,everybody is hopeful and has a chance come Opening Day...Met fans, dont forget how to dream !

01-20-2012, 09:57
Ummmm....Yeah, No.