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01-20-2012, 10:41
No matter what a Met fan tells you,trust me,they will miss Jose Reyes..Don't listen to the excuses Met fans will use in denial," he's always hurt " or "he's not clutch"..TRUST ME they will miss him ! They will miss the chant they screamed (jose ole ole ole)throughout the park, they will miss that big kid smile.They will miss that dancing & clapping when he would steal third..And this yr they will finally realize the type of player the Mets had at SS all these years..See in a normal season of past, you would know who your leadoff hitter was, Reyes ofcourse,excluding Manuel's stupid experiment tweaking with the lineup..This yr who is the Met leadoff hitter, Torres ? Murphy ? = Disaster.Who is going to be that spark plug to get the offense going ? The single most underated part of Reyes' game was his defense.Gold Glove caliber defense.The agility to cut off balls in the hole or up the middle & the shotgun of an arm to get it over to !st base for the the out.I mean at a time last yr Reyes was so good defensively he was starting to make Murphy look servicable at 2nd base ,as crazy as that may sound.Now who is your SS, Tejada,Cedeno ? Please ! But most of all what the Mets fan will miss is Reyes' speed & electric persona he brought to a team.An ability to pump up the offense and its fan on a dull nite..Literally taking control of a game when he was on !st base..I got news for you Mets fans ,a guy like this dont come around to often.A switch hitter,with A+ speed, decent power,a triples machine, and a Gold Glove defender !!! Who is a better SS ? Tulo,maybe..Nobody else..
The only negative aspect that a Met fan brings to the table concerning Reyes was his injuries..Did anybody stop and think maybe,just maybe it was a Mets thing rather than a Reyes thing..Let's be honest Ike,Wright,Santana,Pagan,Bay,Niese,Murphy,Beltran the list goes on & on..Are they all injury prone ?
Trust me Mets fans no matter what you tell yourselves to make you feel better about the situation,you will miss Jose Reyes dearly !

01-20-2012, 11:25
I agree with the sentiment about missing him. He was a Met since he was 16 and is an amazing talent. But let's not overrate certain things. First and foremost, he is not a gold glove defender. All of the advanced defensive metrics, which are improving constantly as more data is obtained, say he is a league average defender at best with a plus arm. Before anyone jumps down my throat, let me explain. The eye test will tell you the guy is spectacular due to the lasers coming across the diamond and his knack for the spectacular play. But that's the only place he is actually seen as above average. On the routine play, which is far more frequent than the spectacular, he is actually BELOW average. They did a comparison to Hanley Ramirez on MLB Network, and Reyes was only slightly better than Hanley when using certain defensive measures. Any Mets fan will tell you how bad of a SS Hanley is, but most don't consider Reyes isn't that much better. He has all the tools, but those mental lapses on the routine plays kill his defensive value. At his age, those most likely won't improve, or as they do improve, his range will slowly be diminishing.

His injury history is not as much of a problem as what he can be projected for offensively. In the short term he will be sorely missed, but who better to compare him to than Jimmy Rollins, a very similar player. After his MVP year, he has steadily declined, and at a faster pace than he ascended. SS's who rely on their legs just don't have the longevity of power hitters playing the corners. With the Mets current financial woes and the direction they are heading, a contract for Reyes would have been an utter disaster.

Fans will absolutely miss him, including me, but its not like when they let Tom Seaver go. Reyes has hit his peak, and there's only a couple more years of this level of play left in him, tops. Considering the Mets AT BEST can start competing again in 2014, they'd have a big contract on the decline at that point hindering them from improving in other areas.