View Full Version : N.L East Breakout player in 2012

01-20-2012, 23:49
I'm going with Mike Stanton.Man ! If u don't know who this kid is you will and you will very quickly.He is a 22 yr old beast who will be batting in the sweet spot of a lineup with Hanley Ramirez & our boy Jose Reyes batting in front of him..He has power that honestly we haven't seen since McGwire,Sosa,Bonds..And he is just 22. Just take 1 look at this kid and he scares you.Last season at the young age of 21 he hit .262 with 34 HR, and one of those bombs Met fans might remember was an opposite field blast into the upper deck in Citi Field..Upper deck Citi Field ,seriously ! Interestingly enough he battled injuries throughout the season..1 of those injuries was for a period of 2 months where he claimed he could not see the ball,that something was wrong with his eye site..He still hit 34 moonshots and drove in 87 ribbies..Met fans keep your eyes on Marlin powerhouse Mike Stanton, capable of hitting 45+ HR this year !

Feel free to add comments about Stanton or even who you guys think might have a bust out year in the NL East...

01-21-2012, 22:21
I'd even bump that # up to 50+ HR's if he is healthy all year. Its like watching a cyborg hit a baseball with a telephone pole. The guy is frighteningly strong.