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01-21-2012, 16:21
I have the idea for a thread that allows everyone to make comments about Mike's On. This would be things that are not thread worthy and just random comments. The comments can be able specific callers, Mike's reactions, or just things in general about the show.

There have been a lot of instances where I wanted to talk about the show, but knew my comments were not worthy of a thread, so for everyone who is like me, let's use this thread to make our random comments.

The Boss
01-21-2012, 16:37
Good idea here, Francesa is usually good for getting people going a few times every show.

01-21-2012, 18:21
This is a great idea.

I like how before the Rex Ryan interview he was saying how you couldn't put the Jets season to bed until HE interviewed Rex. haha

01-21-2012, 19:46
Nice thread idea. Should be a cornucopia of Mike tidbits and criticisms.

I like how Mike misses the boat sometimes. Two of his more recent things... Rain will slow down the more explosive team so it helps the 49ers. In reality they both play in the same conditions so the same edge is there but both teams are slightly slower. The rain actually favors the Giants pass game cause defense is reactive and the Giants receivers are more likely to get that extra step and be open on occasion. They have the better receiving corp so the edge goes to them. The surer footing belongs to the ones who know where they are going not the ones trying to read and react.

Mike keeps saying that he would take Darrelle Revis over Jason Pierre-Paul because he is the most irreplaceable talent of the two. Maybe it is harder to find another Darrelle Revis but you can't reason like that. JPP is still getting better actually but aside from that, the bottom line is he can disrupt both the pass and run and his position is involved in more plays. You can't take the player who's position you can avoid by throwing to the other side of the field and is not largely involved in run defense(if Darelle is making a bunch of run stops you know you have a problem). Even if you say Darrelle is better and he is the best at his position in the whole league it doesn't change which position is more involved and more important to have filled. Two great players but you choose based on how hard to replace instead of how valuable it is on the field.

Don't quite get the thought processes sometimes Mike:)

01-23-2012, 09:00
I am curious what Mike will open up with today. It should be the Giants win, but it would not surprise me if he talked about Paterno.

01-23-2012, 11:39
Anyone listening to Francesa should update that super bowl trivia thread with the answers when you can. Thanks.

01-23-2012, 14:42
It seems like the phones die at least once a day when they are doing a trivia contest.

01-24-2012, 20:42
I always think it is hilarious when Mike stumps a guy that sounds like he is cheating.

01-25-2012, 09:48
I always think it is hilarious when Mike stumps a guy that sounds like he is cheating.

I do enjoy that, especially when you can hear the caller flipping pages or typing.

I also enjoy the stupid things people say while they are looking things up but trying to pretend they are just thinking really hard.

01-25-2012, 11:33
Yesterday there were about 4 guys in a row and they all missed the audio. Mike then went off on a tangent about how the people shouldn't listen to the internet and they will always stump the internet.

The Boss
01-25-2012, 17:41
Mike is chastising the callers that give an answer thats online, and says we shouldnt trust them, and then immediatley says thats sometimes they are right, but they are also wrong at other times. If you admit they are right sometimes then why tell people not to trust us??

01-28-2012, 10:53
Where was Mike yesterday? I didn't hear any warning he was taking off, and that trivia contest lost a lot with joe and Evan doing it, no offense

01-28-2012, 19:14
Isn't he going to be in Indy this week? I bet he was flying there.

The Boss
01-28-2012, 22:04
I didnt hear Mike say he was going to be off on Friday. I was expecting him in to give away the last trip. No reason to fly during your work shift just so you can be 3 days early for your first show in Indy on Monday

The Boss
01-29-2012, 09:04
Well maybe he was set to leave early. "The NFL Now" is on now on YES, and it says it was recorded on 1/26 which was thursday. Seems likely that he was getting out of town soon after

01-30-2012, 15:33
He said he was on Florida on Saturday, so I guess he took off on Friday.

The Boss
01-31-2012, 07:02
I never like the Super Bowl week on Mike Show. This is a fan week, and he spends %90 of air time interviewing people, many of which we don't care anything about.

01-31-2012, 11:50
I never like the Super Bowl week on Mike Show. This is a fan week, and he spends %90 of air time interviewing people, many of which we don't care anything about.

I agree. Not to mention each guest is always there to plug some ridiculous and/or lame event. Each interview is the same, answer some questions about the past, give a couple of general uninsightful statements about the superbowl then spend three minutes plugging the "Dr. Pepper race for overweight kids football in urban yet affluent areas challenge".

I hate the two weeks before the superbowl. Its just too long and too much filler.

01-31-2012, 14:42
Nature of the beast. They were the first(M & MD) to go down there before radio row really existed. Now it is a big thing that all know about and use to promote stuff. So, everyone is aligned with someone now and are going to be plugging something. We will never get those days back where they would go down Super Bowl week and it would be good cause you had such a great collection of announcers/players/stars at one place. It isn't even radio row but practically a TV show and everyone is snapped up by "sponsors" so they can make the rounds and plug away. Like so much in sports these days, something good got bigger, exploited, and ruined.

At least Dog was on with Mike for about ten minutes. Something we wouldn't normally get.

01-31-2012, 15:09
Yea I heard Mike and the Moddog back together today! What was that about?!

The Boss
01-31-2012, 18:13
I heard Maddog in the background yelling yesterday. I didnt think Dog was allowed on. I remember Mike saying he tried to get Dog on after the SF Giants won the series, but it wasnt allowed.

02-13-2012, 12:38
I know this is about 2 weeks late, but he was on Boomer and Carton, so I am not sure why he couldn't be on with Mike.

08-26-2012, 08:32
Bumping the old Mikey general discussion thread here. Looking at the schedule Ed Randall is on 9/2 so the NFL Now won't start until 9/9. Weird that the season will have started, a nice game involving one of the local teams will have been played already, and the NFL Now will be playing catch up a bit. The Beach Party has passed, football about a week away, and end of Mike's vacation time means the fall is here!

The Boss
08-26-2012, 11:37
Cant have the NFL now with no games on the schedule for the day. Its a gameday show

08-26-2012, 12:25
The NFL in action sure but I don't buy it for NFL now. A nice preview would work just fine. Nice for us here since Cowboys - Giants is a nice game here. Nothing stopping him from some coach interviews which are usually taped, or taking calls, Phil Simms, or most of what he does. Just switch to an overview/preview of the divisions and still lay out the week one schedule just drop the weather and injury reports. All the magazines have preview issues. ESPN and sports networks have preview shows. A preview show would be nice. Having a local segment before the game for people to call in would be nice. It is an idea and I'm thinking outside the box, though not very much. Besides they get to charge more ad revenue on that show don't they. FAN should be on board :)

The Boss
08-26-2012, 20:07
I totally disagree with that. Im sure Mike will have a great show the day of the opening game (unless the Mets ruin it with a game). When Sunday gameday comes he will be doing all those things you mentioned so what could he ask all his guests the second time they are on without a game being played yet?

08-27-2012, 19:22
I complain about the NY sports talk being to NY-centric and narrow that they get repetitive. I just complained in the other thread about interview questions that lead to repetitive answers. I'm just as much against repetitive stuff as anyone.

Sports Illustrated, ESPN, NFL Network, Newspaper etc. all do NFL previews of some sort. They shouldn't because it would be repetitive?

An overview and not talking about the individual games isn't repetitive. Your not talking about the match ups, not doing any weather, injuries, etc. It will all be fresh for the next week with it's full slate of games. You talk about the general issues league wide going in. The Vilma stuff and other issues to watch. Players to watch, how the division will shake out, possible dark horse teams. Maybe, try to get the Commish on like he does with other sports for a state of the league(not that Mr. G would agree to do it). Plenty of guests want on that show so he has a choice and doesn't have to repeat guests or topics. Simms would do overview as well and not ruin it for the next week where he talks specific games/match-ups. He can't repeat talking about what he thinks will happen in the Giants - Cowboys game cause that will be over and you can't do a preview of a game that has been played the previous Wed. The last local hour or half hour would be a chance for fans to voice opinions on the Giants - Cowboys game before it happens. Won't be a chance to after it's over.

Colleges and college football is starting the last day of August. The NFL is starting on 9/5. Everything is earlier this year. Why not give us an extra week of NFL now. I'm sure we want it. I'm sure it is some extra cash for the station. Everybody wins. Mike is still one of the best when he wants to be. He can come up with plenty of fresh stuff for an entertaining warm-up/preview show with nearly no repetition at all. Even Mike couldn't grumble as he is just off vacation and should be raring to go. Isn't he the one who always says how fast the season goes and is sad to see it go.

Yes many things on NY sports talk are repetitive but they don't have to be. This idea included. If it wasn't Mike's show I'd probably say you were right Boss.

08-04-2013, 13:31
Okay, a few weeks back when Mike was on in between vacation weeks. He makes the statement that he doesn't understand why A-Rod is more disliked or gets people more angry than Bonds, Mcgwire, Sosa and the like. He doesn't seem to get it. I also think he is not the most objective being a bit of a star struck fanboy since A-Rod is friendly with him and comes on the show.

Say, it is Halloween time and someone eggs and TP's your neighbors house. How do you feel? Then they do it to your house. Which is gonna make you more angry? Easy to see when the circus, embarrassment, and issues are happening to your team you will be more angry. NY people don't mind so much St. Louis, San Fran etc. having to deal with it esp. when they have been NY competitors.

Second, the A-Rod/Jeter debate. The Jeter lovers are out there and, even if on their team, they will turn on A-Rod. Especially when Jeter is so squeaky clean in comparison and only one is the homegrown true Yankee. Jeter lovers are many times A-Rod critics that are quite vocal against Mr. Rodriguez.

All tallied up, A-Rod has done more things than the others have. More to get mad or be angry with. Not just repeated denials, or waving a finger at congress, etc. Cousin Yuri, Madonna, Jeter dispute/comments in mags, contract ploy during World Series, impeding investigation, illegal poker games, shirtless in Central park and various other PR missteps, on and on. Also, while he was a roid guy he really didn't become a Bonds. Was never that feared as a hitter nor did he set any records. Kind of the least proficient big steroid name. Strange to say but we know that if A-Rod would have put up Bonds like numbers people would be more forgiving of his transgressions.

So, I guess it is hard to see why a non-home grown player with the nickname A-Fraud, who has brought a ton of negative distractions, has an albatross of a contract, and is older and on the way out could illicit such a response!

08-04-2013, 15:23
Good points fansince87! Keep the comments coming!

08-18-2013, 12:25
More hits keep coming form the A-Rat camp. Now Joe Girardi was playing him on his bad hip in the playoffs to hopefully further injure himself. Also, Yankee brass trying to get the hip surgeon to do "something" that will help prevent him from playing again.

I'm assuming Mike is back on tomorrow. I wonder if his A-Rat lenient ways will or can continue. He will probably blame his camp but not really him, like he's listening to these people and doesn't know better. But just like a manager is responsible for his/her employees, A-Rod has the final say, and responsible for anything his lawyers/PR people put out there. he is a big boy, in control of those in his employ, and the buck stops with him.

What I want to know is what is the point? Is the any of the "baseball and the Yankees are out to get me" crap gonna do anything but turn more people against him?

Of course the nickname change to A-Rat cause if you give up others including a fellow Yankee to try to take the heat off yourself, you are 100% rat material. I am trusting 60 Minutes just a bit more than A-Rat's camp on that one, lol.

The Boss
08-18-2013, 23:49
Mike will be talking about A-rod getting hit by dempster, then the HR and the whole dynamic about how A r-d is singled out as being worse then the other guys for no good reason. Youre right about all that. And I have never liked A-rod, but I started to for the first time ever when he stood on home plate for a bit too long and pointed to the sky. THAT was to show up Dempster and the fans.

08-19-2013, 15:27
Oh well. Didn't realize the Met game was a day game today. Anyhow, the events of the game certainly changed things for today. You could certainly root for A-Rod last night after the Dempster incident. Good that he got him back. Nice show by Girardi passionately defending A-Rod. Today he, through his lawyer, flip-flopped and took back the Girardi implication as he should have.

Still though, after a good game and a chance to feel some good towards him, his lawyer was out early on Mike and Mike and the Today show pushing the medical grievance issue. So, 50/50 split on game talk and more A-Rod legal shenanigans talk. Another misstep as he should have skipped that crap at least for a day and enjoy a nice win where he was on the hero side and some real spark came back to the Yank/Red Sox rivalry.

08-20-2013, 17:41
Mike with a pretty clear easy on A-Rod slant today. Not very objective and quite different than most of the other hosts. Baseball is releasing bad stuff about him every day yet pretty hush on the A-Rod camp releasing stuff nearly every day. Mike seemingly was fine with that and said only that they should have waited to release stuff?!

Now A-rods camp are clearly sending out stuff quite a bit. Why does he know for sure baseball is leaking stuff everyday? TMZ, 60 minutes, the Today Show. An odd group to be leaking to and they are all shows that investigate stories like this. Why is he so sure they didn't dig these things up like they do with many of their other stories. To specifically use the term leaking just for baseballs side and not A-Rod's. Come on.

Mike actually gave credence saying "you think organizations don't do things they aren't proud of" as if they would actually hide medical stuff from A-Rod. Everyone else says it is ridiculous and Mike implying the Yankees might have actually done something inappropriate. Even Evan Roberts said it is silly and he clearly remembers A-Rod saying how he felt better than he had in a while during those same playoffs the Yanks are supposed to have played him when he was too injured. Nor does Mike bring up the point that why would you wait ten months to file a medical grievance. Oct 11th and now it is Aug 20th. Now all of a sudden you have a grievance.

From what I know Selig wanted to give A-Rod a lifetime ban and was talked down. All the others fell quickly in line and took their 50 or 65 games. Yet Mike says it seems like their case isn't as strong as they let on. That is why the lawyer was hiding behind the confidentiality clause and started getting flustered and backtracking when Lauer whips out the proposed agreement to drop it. Now a day later he counters with some bull amended agreement to reveal everything. D'uh baseball already agreed with the other players and their agreements are binding. They took the punishments and it goes away. They have to abide by the agreement they proposed. So now the loophole is they try to make baseball break those agreements(which they won't) and release everything(the term all encompassing) and when they don't do that the A-Rod camp claims some sort of victory? Mike, it is as simple as this: A-Rod has nothing to lose so he is gonna fight all they way down. Your close to 40 and have bad hips and 211 games makes you done. You fight it automatically cause you have no other option. Even Braun is done with his agreement and coming clean while the A-Rod camp goes into deflect mode when anyone tries to ask him to admit to doing any PEDs.

Mike kept repeating the big cop out statement that he thinks all three parties have done things. Almost the same thing as the A-Rod camp leaking Braun and Cervelli. Look, they did it too! A-Rod camp called out for deflecting quite a bit lately and that is just what Mike did in always mentioning all three are in the wrong every time.

Then the first four callers that I heard were conveniently all pro A-Rod. Kinda fishy.

Even Kay who is a Yankee Shill, an A-Rod friend/previous supporter(till the evidence started coming)said what he had to say and now A-Rod walks right by him and doesn't even say hello or anything to him anymore. So, Kay and Evans Roberts, and Lupica etc. all have more objectivity. Even Carton. Mike stopped just short of an A-Rod apologist.

Pretty sad. Most other hosts see the things happening and know an innocent person claims innocence and doesn't push blame to other players and start to go an offensive claiming every body is out to get them and then start accusing them of all sorts of wrong doings.

Deflect, distract, anything but what this is really about. The real issue that A-Rod won't claim innocence and that he doesn't deserve that punishment. Even if baseball was on a witch hunt and out to get him, and the Yankee's did find a corrupt doctor and try to break him what does that have to do with getting punished for what he did with PEDs, paying lawyers to try to get info and possibly hide it or use it for his gain, etc?

Mike getting caught up with the distractions instead of sticking to the real issue just shows his A-Rod bias. Mike isn't young and naive as a host so why else would he fall for the spin from the A-Rod camp? He should, like others hosts, says that this is all too convenient BS and we aren't falling for it.

The Boss
08-27-2013, 00:22
I just want to jump in here and say how sick I am of Mike stance on A-rod. He treats him like he walks on water. He creates diversions from the real topic by making the topic of the day what HIS question is like "Why is A-rod getting so much more attention than the other players?". No matter what any caller brought up Mike wold force that question on them and no matter how directly answered it was he just would ask again and re make the same argument.

08-27-2013, 16:44
I also didn't mention it before, but when Mike went to that story about the Australian baseball player killed by the two bored teens to show how "this is a bad thing" and so much worse than anything A-Rod might have done it was,again, really convenient like with the callers. That was such an obvious distraction especially since he brought it up so early in the show. You have to wonder if he would have brought it up on a normal day. There are many killings and horrible atrocities out there unfortunately. No one is accusing A-Rod of killing anyone but I guess Mike wants us all to feel that we should lay off him since "it's not like he killed someone".

The Boss
09-03-2013, 23:21
Next on "Mikes On", Mike will spend the next 4 months slicing the Jets up on a daily basis. I just hope he has some real meat to chew on, and not just petty stuff.

09-06-2013, 19:34
There is a lot there though. Even today, Rex Ryan was on in the morning with Mike and Mike and he was so measured and tame. Greenberg asked him if he was enjoying himself cause he sounded so uninspired. I was thinking earlier in the interview that, if he continues to sound like this, he may lose his chance at an ESPN gig. Jets are such a mess, there will be slicing and dicing all over the radio and in the papers. Oh the pain!!

On a Mikey note, his Sunday show seems to have a new name: Mike Francesa’s Football Sunday. Must have missed how he lost the name to that show as well. No more Mike'd Up and now this. Poor Mikey!

The Boss
09-10-2013, 12:36
Mike said awhile ago he lost the name NFL now. I guess Mike is just not willing to pay a dime for the name recognition and branding of the shows names. "Mike Francesca's football Sunday" is a pretty lame name though