View Full Version : Mets have eyes on Ross...

01-22-2012, 12:25
At first glance you probably are asking yourself, why would a team thats rebuilding want a 31 yr old most likely past his prime..But Cody is a good fit for plenty reasons..He is a much needed right handed bat who can play all outfield positions.The Mets need that desperately considering Duda hits from left side & even though Torres is a switch hitter ,he struggles badly vs lefties. Also keep in mind ,nobody knows how the health of Ike Davis pans out so Ross gives the Mets alot of flexibility..Ross will probably hit around .270ish, but does have alot of pop in his bat..Put it this way, he is better than Hairston and if Bay continues his legacy in a Met uniform, you will probably want to see Ross out there instead..Lets not forget ,Bay hasnt shown an ability to stay on the field as well.Ross is a great clubhouse guy who adds depth and will always be remembered for being the W.S MVP for the SF Giants