View Full Version : OH DUDA DAY ! >> Lucas Duda

01-24-2012, 12:00
As Met fans know 1 of the very few bright spots was a player who's name just sounds cheerful coming out of your mouth, DUDA ! It can easily be chanted by fans after another 400 ft home run from the powerful lefty.But with all do seriousness, when Lucas Duda played last yr in limited time,he impressed not just Met fans with his powerful bat, but the whole baseball world..Duda is going to be a critical piece for the 2012 Metropolitans..He will be in the outfield to start the season but with Ike coming off his injury you may seem him at 1st base as well.Met fans aren't looking forward to too much this year but the progression of Duda will be one that they will look forward to.His power is for real !
Now readers probably are aware of my obsession to fantasy sports and the opinion of a player from a fantasy perspective, it gives a good feel on how a player may progress.Here is a link of a writeup on Duda from one of my fav fantasy sites,www.fangraphs.com..