View Full Version : Goodbye, Jorge.

01-24-2012, 19:35
I wrote this while I was at work, figured I would type it out for you guys.

I'm writing this first draft on Macy's receipt paper. I was always told if you have a thought, to write it down right away. To never chance losing it forever. So, I'm doing just that. And, I certainly have many thoughts on today.

So, here goes...

I have been dreading this day for weeks. It's not everyday that my favorite Yankees catcher announces his retirement. After the 2011 season, I knew it in my heart what was coming. I could see that Jorge knew it, too. After such an up and down season full with outstanding highs and saddening lows, being moved down in the batting order to hitting a grand slam that literally made me cry with happiness. Jorge Posada had a tumultuous year, but ended the season his way. Giving the team that had given him so much, one more shot at the post season.

His gift to the fans...or that's how I saw it, at least. One more act of heroics in (2nd version of) the stadium that made him great. I will never forget it. I feel many will agree with me. One more great moment to add to the already long list.

How can we forget who caught the ball Derek Jeter "flipped" and who's quick reflexes tagged a stunned Jeremy Giambi out. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else in that situation.

On Twitter, all of my loyal Yankee followers and fans are running the play by play, like we have so many times during so many Yankee games. I, unfortunately, am at work and will watch it later...with tissues nearby.

Posada means a lot to me. Maybe because I connect with him on a personal level, I see a little of myself in him. It's hard to see pro athletes as human, their legend is sometimes so great that we forget. But, Jorge is human. He's had struggle. He's had moments of personal greatness. Every time he has fallen, he has gotten back up with grace and class. He's able to recognize his weaknesses. And, what's best, is he wasn't afraid to expose them to us.

Playing among these God like ball players, Mariano...Pettite...Jeter. We all seem to think they can do no wrong, mainly Derek Jeter. But, not Jorge...at least not as of late. He was not as lucky to have the fans blind faith in him. I feel that he knew that. That's why he worked so hard to be better and seemed to beat himself up when it seemingly wasn't enough. I can relate to that. I believe that's why I've always been so fond of him and was always so ecstatic to see him succeed.

I know a few Yankee fans who didn't like Jorge or that said (lately) that he wasn't worth a thing. It's ironic today to read their sad tweets and hear their comments upon his retirement.

I always say, I'd rather be respected than loved. Respect means more to me. I feel, if anything, fans owe him the respect and gratitude he deserves, whether they liked him or not. Respect for what he did for our team. For our city. Because, very few play or have played with the passion that Jorge Posada did. New York would be very fortunate to see another man and catcher such as he.

So, with that being said, I wish you, Jorge, a happy and blessed retirement. I know that we have not seen the last of you and that this is the beginning of a great new adventure.

Thank you for everything.