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01-24-2012, 20:26
It seems like the opening day rosters are set for the Yankees and Mets. I was thinking, is there anyone on the Mets who you would consider an upgrade if put on the Yankees? When I say this, I mean if you traded position for position straight up. We know that there are guys on the Yankees the Mets would love, ala Cano for Murphy, but does the thought process go the other way?

Mets Projected Opening Day Lineup

C: Thole
1B: Davis
2B: Murphy
3B: Wright
SS: Tejada
LF: Bay
CF: Torres
RF: Duda

Yankees Projected Opening Day Lineup

C: Martin
1B: Teixeira
2B: Cano
3B: Rodriguez
SS: Jeter
LF: Gardner
CF: Granderson
RF: Swisher

These are all via MLB.com.

After looking at the starters, is there an upgrade for the Yankees?

When you go position by position, the first discussion could be Martin for Thole. When I saw this is an upgrade, I am looking at the bat no the overall player. I would not make this upgrade because Martin brings more to the game than just his bat. He is a very strong defensive catcher and can manage a pitching staff. I am not sure Thole can do that yet, but he does have potential to do so.

When moving down the list, the only other possible upgrade I can see is Right Field. Swisher for Duda. I am a huge fan of Duda and think he can be a very good player. Swisher is also a very good player. I think the upgrade here is that fact that Duda is 6 years younger and showed last year that he can hit for power and average in Citi Field, even though it was only in 300 ABs. Right now, I feel they are the same type of player, but given the 6 year difference, Duda would be an upgrade.

The only true upgrade the Yankees could make would be Swisher for Duda.

Do you think there can be an upgrade? If so, who and why?

01-25-2012, 09:12
I'd take Wright over A-Rod in a heartbeat! I prefer Swisher and Martin.