View Full Version : Tim Thomas Falls On His Hockey Stick

01-25-2012, 09:27
I couldn't find nicer words to describe such foolish
actions by this Boston Bruins Goaltender, and yet I
will try and keep this clean and civilized.

Yesterday Tim Thomas showed not just what a bad sport
he is, but also what bad judgement he decided to use
on such a grand stage. Having months to consider and
reconsider his actions he still decided to take the
world of politics and muddy the world of sports.

Keep in mind that I have no objections to his political
views, he is without question entitled to them, and
please spare me the freedom of speech rhetoric, no one,
myself included is trying to suppress his freedom to
speak. If that were the case then I would be among the
first to defend him, and it. As far as freedom of
speech, here's mine: He's an idiot for not being able
to draw a line between athletics and politics, and as
far as my congratulations to him earlier last year for
winning the Stanley Cup Finals MVP, and Stanley Cup is
concerned, I take it back, he doesn't deserve it.
Thomas is nothing short of a child and should not be

Whatever your political views are, embrace them, just
leave them at home when it comes to athletics, a time
when we should leave them at home and enjoy our freedom,
not find another arena to fight about them. Don't make
this another Soviet Olympic boycott, a mistake that
should have never happened, but can't be taken back.

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The Boss
01-25-2012, 20:08
Is Tim American? Even if he is not, he's plays for an American team, and he should at least be polite enough to attend. But if he doesnt want to then so be it.

02-14-2012, 09:26
Yes Tim Thomas is a American, and it is his right to choice wether to go.