View Full Version : Adam "The Bull" returns to WFan for A Special Show

The Boss
01-27-2012, 10:42
From Adam the Bulls twitter account earlier today comes good news for the old WFan fans.

@AdamTheBullFan - I will be making a 1-day reappearance on @WFAN660 in NYC on Saturday, March 3rd from 5-9pm.

Can't wait! Hopefully there will be more shows like this coming up.

02-01-2012, 17:30
Last couple of days of my winter vacation that weekend. Might not be a great time Sat. 5-9PM but maybe I'll set my little radio to record it and listen to it on Sunday. Thanks for the heads-up Boss!

02-01-2012, 18:20
The Brooklyn native returns home. I hope I get to catch some of the show. I wonder what the big story will be.. I would think spring training.

02-14-2012, 08:13
Great news! I hope to catch it when he is back on

The Boss
03-03-2012, 15:50
The time has come!