View Full Version : Mets offseason moves ? Let's be realistic here

01-29-2012, 14:27
Let's be honest here, the Mets are the worst team in the NL East on paper coming into the 2012 season.Now what does that mean ? It doesn't mean they have to finish in last but the die hard Mets fan should be realistic about 2012 and probably even the next couple seasons.See, the NY sports fan don't like to rebuild. I mean the Yankees for crying out loud are rebuilding rite now & they have a 1st place team.But it's time for Met fans to swallow that pill that this will take time and this team needs to start over.2012 season is not about Santana's health or whether Jason Bay figures it out at the plate, that only matters if you have a team that is looking to contend for a ring.What Mets fans should pay attention to is how the young kids like Harvey,Wheeler progress and how Alderson handles the David Wright trade & who he gets in return. That's what counts.Not trading Wright because you are only 6 gms out of a wild card spot is idiotic.Not trading Jose Reyes while he had the most value last yr was a debacle ! And it cracks me up now during the offseason ,when teams are biding on the likes of Fielder & Pujols ,the Mets are rumored to have Cody Ross or Rick Ankiel on their radar.For what ? Are they a part of the future.I know I speak for most fans in where I rather see a young kid from the farm get a shot rather than watch Rick Ankiel bat .240 !!! My point here is the Met fan should be excited not about the Mets chances this yr but just about watching baseball, watching your team take a stance & a direction for its future.That is what should be focused on the most..Not how they look in the standings. It actually may be better off that they are worse off in the standings so Alderson or the fans to get reeled in and cause them to not think rationally .And most of all, I think we all have come to the conclusion that David Wright should not be a part of this team's future.And if they screw up the plan of trading him for some prospects ,that is the point where Mets fans should get angry..

01-29-2012, 15:33
Quite a few come opening day will be convinced that "anything is possible" and this team could "COULD" make the playoffs. I'd say 60 wins is more like it.