View Full Version : New York Knicks Were Over Sold!!!!!!

01-30-2012, 12:51
When the NBA came back from the lockout there were a lot of NBA experts who said the Knicks were going to be a contender. They do have one of the best front courts of any team in the league. The Knicks signed free agent center Tyson Chandler and people thought the Knicks were going to be a force.
Well one former NBA player and studio host Charles Barkley did not buy the goods. Sir Charles came out and stated that the Knicks were not for real and would be lucky to make the playoffs. You know what Barkley could be right.
Mike D'Antoni job right now could be in jeopardy. The Knicks are currently 7-13 and in third place in the Atlantic Division. It is really obvious what the Knicks are lacking. They are lacking a leader on the court. A quarterback to guide the team. The Knicks did sign Mike Bibby and Baron Davis. Well Bibby has seen his better days and has shown his age. Baron Davis still has not played yet because he is coming back from an injury and he should be ready to play in about a month. It looks like the Knicks are counting on Davis coming back and being their leader. Don't think that is the right way to go. Think Baron Davis has seen his better days too.
Teams have totally figured out what to do defensively against the Knicks. They have taken Amare Stoudemire out of this game and what he does so well. You are seeing Stoudemire getting frustrated on the sidelines. He just looks like a guy who does not want to be there. Right now the Knicks are playing without Stong forward Carmelo Anthony due to him being out of the lineup due to injury.
There are rumors that division rival the Philadelphia 76ers have approached the Knicks about the availability of Amare Stoudemire. The Sixers have been after him since he was with Phoenix and he is a guy that would fit perfectly into the Sixers lineup because they do have guards and are lacking a true star go to guy down low. It is just in the investigative stages right now. Why would the Knicks even think about trading Amare and doing it in the division where they would have to play him a few times each season. What would the Sixers offer the Knicks anyway.
The Knicks right now look like a team that really does not want to play for Mike D'Antoni. Was D'Antoni the right guy. Where I sit D'Antoni is truely overrated and well the Knicks if they continue like this he will be the fall guy. Would Phil Jackson come back home to New York to be the savior. There are rumors that Phil is itching to come back to coaching. Woule he want to be the head man of the Knicks.

01-30-2012, 14:39
They traded away some good pieces, the two stars they have don't mesh well with their respective styles, and they have D'Antoni who doesn't even consider adapting to his talent and sticks with his "style" and lose until he gets his magic recipe of players. BTW, when he previously had his magic recipe he still didn't adapt for the playoff style of ball and never won anything.

There are a bunch of people who yap there mouths but few "experts". Anyone(outside of the fans who see through orange glasses) who thought they were gonna be a force this year was sadly mistaken. They actually gave up a lot in that trade that people still say they had to make and they got back a lot but it kinda evens out. A .500 team then, around a .500 team now but the names are bigger.

Trade Amar'e since they aren't that much closer to the mountaintop and you really have to question what he will have left by the time they get to that point. Do you want to finally get to that conference final maybe even finals down the road but Amar'e is a shell of what he was/breaking down. Then you lose and question "what if". I can see it.

Phil Jackson probably won't come here. At this age he is not going to take this team over unless it is in a better place. He had ready to go teams before in Chicago and L.A. He may think about it but he probably doesn't need the money and isn't looking looking for a team that is 55% built. Not to mention the Dolan issue. The Donni Walsh debacle, Isiah, D'Antoni show he can hurt this team by both bringing in the wrong people and undermining good people who have a plan. I'd be weary of Dolan if I was Phil Jackson.

The Knicks need a coach and are back to having little money to spend and not much to trade. They have taken a bit of a step back.