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01-30-2012, 13:07
Tom Brady told a crowd at Gillette Stadium on Sunday that he wants a big crowd at the victory bash. We know that Tom Brady does not like the New York Jets but to put black board material on the New York Giants board may not be the way to go right now.
The New England Patriots arrived on Sunday in Indianapolis and the New York Giants will arrive on Monday afternoon for the final preparations for the Super Bowl which will be played on Sunday evening.
This is the rematch of the Super Bowl from 2008 when the New England Patriots were going after history and a undefeated season. The New York Giants had other plans and they beat the Patriots, 17-14 in a big upset and the parade wound up being in Lower Manhattan that year.
Going into this Super Bowl the Patriots have won ten straight games and their last lost was to the New York Giants who went up to Foxboro and defeated the Patriots. The New York Giants have won five straight games, so something will give on Sunday Night.
The Giants are playing excellent football on both sides of the ball. Eli Manning is having his best season of his career. This game is going to be under the dome so the Giants with their wide receivers will have a big advantage. With Cruz, Manningham, and Hicks, Manning has numerous choices to choice from. Also watch the Giants running attack. If Bradshaw and Jacobs get going well that could mean trouble for the Patriots.
The game will be decided in the trenches. The offensive line of the Patriots, which is the best pass protecting line in the NFL will be going against a defensive line led by Osi Umenyiora, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Justin Tuck. If the defensive front four of the Giants can apply pressure on Tom Brady and do it early well we could find out really quickly what kind of game we will be in for.
The Giants are builted to play and match the New England Patriots. They do not fear the Patriots and this team right now is playing with confidence. Do not give the Giants any motivation of any kind and I think Tom Brady might have. The us against the world is what the Giants like because they seem to always come through when they are backed in that corner. Could there be another parade in Lower Manhattan well from where I sit, yes. Giants fan you are just one more win away from that prize.

The Boss
01-31-2012, 07:00
Tom Brady told a crowd at Gillette Stadium on Sunday that he wants a big crowd at the victory bash.

No he didnt! I don't understand why the Giants are dogs either. Event he public perception amongst folks that dont know football at all is that they are better