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01-31-2012, 18:54
9- Pitcher

Ok, here is what the lineup should look like come Opening Day, baring any other pickups. I would rather put Duda in the 5 hole behind Ike but then you got back to back lefties which will cause problems late in game.I have no clue why Alderson is currently rumored to be looking for a left handed outfielder when I think a righty would make more sense.Duda is lefty,Torres a switch hitter can't hit lefties, & Ike Davis is left handed . The only logical reasoning behind getting a lefty bat would be if you platoon Bay.I just can't figure it out ! Story of my life with this organization.And you can see how important Bay's right handed bat is in this lineup if he could be half the player he was a couple years ago.Regardless ,I hate to bring this up again but it shows what an important piece Reyes was in this lineup.A switch hitting leadoff man.Put Jose on top this lineup and it's actually very competitive..Ahhhhh, spilled milk ! Depressing..
Let me know where u guys would tinker with this lineup or if u would at all..And yes I'm bored & need baseball quick !

02-01-2012, 06:56
As a Met fan you really have to hope that about 3 of these guys have career years if you want to finish over .500

The Boss
02-02-2012, 20:09
That's a pretty intimidating line up

02-03-2012, 12:28
Top to bottom one of the worst lineups in baseball.

02-08-2012, 23:10
Lineup looks good. These Mets will be very good at hitting. With improved Bullpen, gthe starters only have to go 6 innings, but it will help if they can do more. We lost 23 games in 2011 when ahead and the bullpen couldnt hold the lead. I like Torres who has speed to bat 1st. Then Murphy can hit him in. Wright can get Murphy home and Davis if he doesnt, can hit both in. Bay will be better and Duda will get him home. Now Tejada and Thole need to get on base so that the pitcher can bunt them over. (Pitchers need to get better at this.) Then we start again. 90 Wins.

03-02-2012, 22:24
1) Andres Torres- With the loss of Jose Reyes and the trade of Angel Pagan, the Mets are left with no true leadoff hitter. Torres can win the job by default, only because he has the ability to steal twenty bases. Ruben Tejada has a shot at batting in the top spot, but might be better suited in the lower part of the line-up until he gets some more games under his belt.

2) Daniel Murphy- Murphy as shown he can hit as he sported a .320 batting average with a .362 on base percentage before his season ending injury last August. Murphy has a great knowledge of the strike zone and even though lacks speed, can be a high on-base guy in the number two spot.

3) David Wright- With the walls coming in this is the time for David Wright to return to the days he hit 30 homers and knocked in over 100 runs. With the departure of Carlos Beltran, Wright will take over the third spot in the line-up and will have to show he can come with that clutch hit with the game on the line.

4) Ike Davis- Davis returns from his bizarre season ending ankle/calf injury and will look to start where he left off before the injury last May when he was on pace for a 30 homer 100 RBI season. Davis can hit the ball out any place in the ballpark and has shown the ability to put together good quality at-bats when the game is on the line. He is the player I would want up most with the game hanging in the balance.

5) Jason Bay- This is it for Bay. After back to back horrific seasons, itís do or die for the Mets left fielder. It still makes no sense how Bay can go from hitting 39 homers and driving in 119 with the Red Sox in 2009 to not even being able to match those numbers in two seasons with the Mets. With the fences moved in Bay will no longer have an excuse for not producing.

6) Lucas Duda- Duda showed great promise after taking over for Carlos Beltran last year, connecting on 9 homers and driving in 36 runs after the trade and finishing the season with a .292 average and .370 on base percentage. Duda has the potential to be the Mets breakout player and biggest surprise in 2012. 25 homeruns and 85 RBIís are not out of the question.

7) Ruben Tejada- Tejada batted over .300 in the second half of 2011 and showed huge improvements at the plate. Tejada must try to stay away from the idea of filling in for Jose Reyes, which is why keeping him away from the leadoff spot is a good idea. At only 22 years of age Tejada has the chance to become a good major league shortstop.

8) Josh Thole- I was very surprised the Mets didnít sign a veteran catcher to at least split time with Thole. Pitchers have shown a hesitance to pitch to him and he has not distinguished himself either at or behind the plate. He is a double play waiting to happen, lets too many balls get by him behind the plate and rarely throws a runner out at second.

Robert Urio