View Full Version : Who is the face of the Mets organization ?

02-02-2012, 10:48
I bet if you ask this question to many Met fans their quick response would be David Wright especially now that Reyes is officially gone.But as I was listening to an interview of Ike Davis on MLB radio last nite it confirmed who the new face of this organization will be.It is so important for this organization that Ike Davis is healthy and hitting bombs once again.In the interview he claimed he was 100% healthy & felt no pain at all.Thats great news ! But what I took notice to more than anything in that interview yesterday was Ike's conviction in the manner in which he spoke about his team.His conviction behind debating how he felt his team was good this yr no matter what everybody else seems to believe.He also mentioned that he strongly felt his team this yr was alot better than last yr's team even with the loss of Reyes.He gave many points such as better bullpen,Duda for a full season,Wright healthy..Now ofcourse you are probably sitting there saying that you would expect a Met player to say that,but it wasnt just what he said it was how he said it that got my attention.It consisted of passion & conviction ,it came across as though he was proud to be a Met and he is their leader.This is something this org. has lacked for yrs now.Wright never sounds that way,ever ! And Reyes ,well your lucky you understood a word when he spoke..
Ike Davis is the leader and face of this organization and it is crucial that he is healthy this yr & pick up right where he left off last season..This organization needs this !

02-29-2012, 10:27
Funny that you say Ike Davis because I went to my local Sports Authority and the only two, yes TWO Mets jerseys they had on sale were David Wright and Ike Davis.

02-29-2012, 16:41
Anyone who thinks that David Wright is not the face of the Mets is crazy.