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02-04-2012, 16:05
One of the Mets final pieces to the downsizing of the 2012 season is their search for a left-handed batter off the bench.

What makes baseball great is that the 25th man coming off the bench can just as easily be in a position to win or lose a game as the star of the team. Getting contributions from everyone, especially in late inning pressurized situations helps build character and could lead to some late, dramatic wins that brings a team together.

Of the potential remaining free agents, I think Rick Ankiel would be the best fit. Ankiel hit 9 homers and drove in 37 with the Nationals last year, while possessing the best outfield arm in baseball. He has the ability to thrown a runner out from almost any where of the field and can serve as a great late inning defensive replacement for either Jason Bay or Lucas Duda. Itís always nice to have a player who can help save a run late, instead of being a liability that could potentially cost the team a game.

Other notable remaining left handed free agents are Johnny Damon, Kosuke Fukodome and Raul Ibanez. I donít see Damon or Ibanez taking a million dollar deal, which is all the Mets have left to spend nor do I see either choosing the Mets who have a very small chance of winning in 2012. Fukodome, who would be my second choice behind Ankiel, strikes out a lot, but still shows a good eye at the plate with a .361 on base percentage since he began to play in the United States three years ago.

Robert Urio

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