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02-11-2012, 15:53
What Just Happened: Big Blue Season-in-Review

This past Tuesday, I had the good fortune of spending the entire day with the person I love, surrounded by blue and red, reveling with what seemed like millions of other Giants fans, die-hard and fair-weather alike. I bought the paper with the special collectible insert. My mother bought me a shirt and car flag. During a time of personal struggle, I spent the day smiling, laughing, running alongside taxis on Manhattan streets. Though it may be trite to say, it was, and for me will always be, a magical day.

Reflecting on it now, days later, it still seems like a dream. All of it: the season, the game, the celebration. It can't be real. Not after December 18th.

I walked out on that day, and with good reason. After a month of tough match-ups, the Giants had just snapped their losing streak, defeating the Cowboys, and moving into a winnable tilt with the Skins. It had been such a long season, starting with the pre-season. Every other caller to the FAN wanted Jerry Reece fired for losing Steve Smith to the Eagles, and things didn't improve after the devastation of defensive depth with injury after injury. The quick start, punctuated with the win over the Eagles, quickly receded from memory after the mid-season long-haul over bad lands. Some games were right there for the taking, others decidedly not. Ups and downs, lefts and rights, but the Giants, on December 18th, were in control of their own destiny.

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