View Full Version : The janitor Sandy Alderson !

02-13-2012, 04:46
It is so obvious to everybody now what Sandy Alderson truly is to the Mets organization.He's not the general manager, he didn't come hear from a job at the commisioner's office to instill a " money ball " theme.Wake up Met fans ! He was sent hear from Wilpons's old buddy Bud Selig to mop up the mess that was created by Omar Minaya & more importantly Bernie Madoff.Yep, he's a janitor,the mop up guy.Basically if you are going to borrow funds from MLB in an emergency situation then we are sending in our guy to clean up your mess.If you have seen the movie Pulp Fiction, you remember Harvey Keitel's role as "The Wolf" ? That is exactly who Sandy Alderson is.He was told to come in gut the whole team,cut payroll drastically,trade franchise players away who are due to get paid,and mop up that big mess over there in Queens.But you see, they just can't come out & say that to fans.There would be 5 people at Citi for opening day if they said that.So they use the Moneyball theme,Met fans would buy that. They love Billy Beane..Met fans, you don't have Billy Beane or anything close to that.You have a janitor.A janitor that can go on twitter and poke fun at the organization that pays him and suffer no consequences.
All of a sudden the prestigious GM of MONEYBALL gets on twitter for the 1st time in his life and has become Adam Sandler. Have a sense of humor Met fans,rite..WAKE UP !

The Boss
02-13-2012, 23:40