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02-13-2012, 21:08
Jeremy Lin as made a huge splash for the New York Knicks and the NBA. He had created so much excitement in New York and he has helped guide the Knicks to five straight wins.
The Knicks have been doing all this without Amare and Carmelo. What will happen when the two of them return to the lineup? Are there enough basketballs to go around?
The Knicks are playing some really great basketball right now and you do have to give it to them for that.
The media hype with Lin is unbelieveable. You look on the net and see that he is one of the most watched players in the NBA. Right up there with Bryant, Griffin, James, and Durrant.
This guy has only played five games thus far. Yes he was named the Player of the Week for his great performance. No doubt well deserved. Some people want to compare Lin to Tebow. Come on can you just let this guy play and develop his skills.
Lets see how he is playing when he goes through the league a second time. When the teams have had a chance to watch tapes and well see his weaknesses. How will Lin adjust then. That will tell all of us what kind of player that Lin will be.
He is an exciting player and has created excitement in the league. He is not a great player at least not yet. Can we just let this guy play. Let him develop into a good NBA player and than a great NBA player. Just let him play and lets see where it ends.

02-17-2012, 00:55
You are right, just let him play. He's very good, but NOT great, and the only way
to find if he will be is to let him play.. Fun to watch though

The Boss
02-17-2012, 14:56
Thank you for your comments but these Jeremy Lin comments belong in this one thread Lin for the Win! (http://66wfan.net/showthread.php?1971-Lin-for-the-win!)