View Full Version : New York Baseball Fans Interesting Year To Come

02-13-2012, 21:36
In about a weeks time every Major League Baseball team will be starting spring training and all having hopes of successful seasons. All having the hope of possibly winning the championship. It is certainly not any different for the fans of the New York Yankees or the New York Mets.
The fans of both do they really have that kind of hope? Well if you are a fan of the Yankees yes and you should because your team is always in contention. Now the fans of the New York Mets you just might want to figure on a very tough season this year.
The New York Mets are dealing with a lot of things right now. The possibility of this team being sold. They lost shortstop Jose Reyes to free agency and he signed with divisional rival, the Miami Marlins. There also have been numerous rumors out there that the Mets might next shop around third baseman David Wright. It certainly could be a long season for the Mets in regards to wins and loses this season.
The New York Yankees last year finished the season on a disappointing note when they lost to the Detroit Tigers in the AL Divisional Round. The Yankees look to have a much better season and advance further in the playoffs. They again will be one of the favorites to win the World Series this year.
Baseball fans in New York depending on what team you cheer for could be going in two different directions once the season starts. One in contention and the other just trying to survive.