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02-18-2012, 07:31
Ahhhh, my 2nd favorite thing about baseball,and it's a very close 2nd, is our fantasy leagues are getting very close to draft day.So when pitchers & catchers reports, it is time to start doing our homework.Now we all know in NY that of course the Yanks have several impact fantasy players in Cano,Tex,Grandy,Arod etc.But how bout your beloved Metsies.No more Jose Reyes of course ,so who are the other Met players that fantasy owners should focus on draft day ? We all know David Wright went from top 5 pick to a huge disappointment but now mock drafts having going in around the 2nd round.Would u touch David with that early of a pick, in where he's probably playing with the motivation of a new contract or a trade to a contender ? I'm not sure. But regardless of the Mets not having that top pick,a guy you can build a fantasy team around,they do have some potential sleepers that can have an impact.
Daniel Murphy- coming off a year that Murph finally showed that bat that Met fans thought he had in em,that season was cut short by injury.And even though he may have that 2nd base sleeper capability u do have to take into account that he does have a knack for getting hurt especially playing 2nd base where he looks suicidal turning a double play..Tim Teufel working with him in Spring does help.
Ike Davis- Like every other Met over last 5 yrs ,he's another player coming off an injury.The good new is he claims he's 100% healthy,to the point where he's exhaustednof the question being asked already.A healthy Ike is capable of a 280-285 25+ HR, 100 RBI season, but he does come with his share of risk obviously.
Lucas Duda- Duda getting more pub than I thought this offseason.Last season he obviously showed that enormous power in his bat but even more importantly showed he can also hang in against tough lefty pitching.Thats very important so he don't end up in a right/left platoon which can cut into his offensive production.But the biggest concern here is his defense and he can he be formidable enough defensively in outfield to play everyday.If all goes right you may see a .280 30 HR season from a late round draft pick.
Johan Santana - YOU CAN HAVE HIM ! Might be throwing ball underhand by May

Give me your feelings on any of these players or any other Mets sleepers..

02-18-2012, 11:23
All those guys you put are all Fantasy guys to make sure you draft. I would even draft Santana for the right price. If he can return to old form, or even just a solid pitcher, he could be a steal.

Murph is a solid pick because 2nd is one of the weaker positions.

I think a surprising guy could be Jason Bay. With the fences coming in it may help him a lot. Maybe he will be able to turn it around. I would not suggest drafting him, but I would keep him on your watch list during the season.

02-18-2012, 11:51
I agree Murph would not be an awful pick. I really don't see Wright or Bay being close to the top of choices at their position

02-18-2012, 14:02
Well Wright is top 5 at his position.

I am not saying Bay is top at his position, but he is a guy to watch for. You never know what could happen with the fences being moved in.

02-18-2012, 16:55
Wright is definitely top 5 at his position. I've generally seen him go as the 3rd Third baseman off the board in most mock drafts so far. I've got to see how healthy Ike Davis is in spring training, but he should be a solid 1B option with upside. Duda is going way too early for my taste in the mock drafts and rankings I've seen so far. I think he'll be good, but too many guys are reaching for him. I could only see taking a flier on Bay in the last couple of rounds. He could bounce back but I wouldn't chance it.

02-19-2012, 12:05
Is Wright really that high after bad seasons? I guess I need to compare to other 3bs out there