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02-19-2012, 00:02
With the football season over, the days starting to get longer and the thoughts of warm weather beginning to dance in our heads this is usually the time I start to look towards the new baseball season. I would have the Mets schedule almost memorized by now, picking out the games I wanted to go to and planning the road trips I was going to take. However, thanks to the father and son combination that owns the New York Mets, the excitement and kid like enthusiasm I used to feel this time of year has been replaced with a feeling of hatred, anger and distain, leaving me with an emptiness that can not be filled.

I understand the direction the team is taking as they try to build from with-in and attempt to construct a foundation they can rely on for years to come. What Iím disheartened about is the reason theyíre doing it and their ability to survive doing it in the biggest market in the country.

As a fan, Iím tired of being lied to by ownership, the GM and the front office. The Mets have refused to claim they are in fact in a rebuilding mode and instead are once again throwing false propaganda our way. Do they really think the fans are that unintelligent??

I received a phone call from the Mets front office department a couple of weeks ago and during a ten minute conversation was told this is team is better then last years. How Ruben Tejada has a better arm and is a better fielder then Jose Reyes. How the Mets now have a closer and a strong bullpen. How Johan Santana is back. Just shut-up and stop! I donít want to hear it anymore. Going into spring training this year as compared to last, the Mets are without Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriquez, three bona fide all-stars. Theyíre being replaced by Ruben Tejada, Lucas Duda and Frank Francisco; nothing else needs to be said on that front.

Though it makes no difference in the grand scheme of things, Iíd just feel better if the Mets came out and said they were rebuilding. It would be a step in the right direction of trying to restore confidence and respect in an organization that has been clueless over the past decade. Looking at in from the perspective of a fan, I have no confidence ownership will not continue to make the same mistakes they have in the past and continue to lack an understanding of what a Met fan feels.

Since the Wilponís took over full ownership of the team their lack of baseball intelligence and inability to relate to the Met fan has been embarrassing. From trying to reach a new demographic by moving Jose Reyes to second base for Kaz Matsui, to the construction of a field that pays tribute to a team that fled New York over 50 years ago, to their ripping of current players in a sit down news article, the Wilpons have shown they know very little about baseball. You can even trace it back to when they were co-owners with Nelson Doubleday and he needed to step in to allow the trade for Mike Piazza, as the Wilponís were not in favor of the move. Piazza only turned out to be the Mets best position player in franchise history.

In the past, the Wilponís were never afraid to spend money, but it would only be when it was good for them. Their huge spending spree in 2005 which brought in Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran and ultimately Carlos Delgado in 2006 was spurred by the team kicking off a new network and needing to create a buzz to be relevant again.

After they made the World Series in 2000, when a championship was just on their doorstep, they become complacent and didnít go that extra mile to bring home that championship, as they didnít feel they needed to in order to be successful financially.

With their current financial state, leaving the team of the verge of bankruptcy, the Mets can do nothing but cut back on payroll and pray the players they have in the minors can be the saviors. Mets GM Sandy Alderson proclaimed they need to bring home grown players up through the minor league system that the fans can relate to. The funny thing, thatís exactly who they just let get away to Miami and Iím sure David Wright is not too far behind. Thatís not the way it is supposed to be in New York. How is it possible that a New York team can let its home grown talent just walk away in the prime of their careers? Weíve seen it with Seaver and Strawberry before the Wilponís and weíre living it again today. Now weíll wait for the next crop of young players to come around, hope they turn into something good and then what?? Just wait for them to walk away.

I for one cannot handle it anymore. We live in New York. We pay the highest prices for tickets. It is inexcusable we have become a mid-market team.

Even after all this, I am and will continue to be a fan. I will still watch every game and live with every pitch because baseball and the Mets are in my blood. However, I do not plan on stepping foot into Citifield once this year. Maybe if others do the same, the Wilponís will get the hint.

Robert Urio (Bobby U)

02-20-2012, 08:35
Unfortunately there are way too many owners in Pro sports that are bad at what
they do. These are guys that if you knew them, you wouldn't even want to be
friends with.

02-28-2012, 12:32
They have taken all the joy and now have made a mockery of the team by printing up those "Underdog" t-shirts and just how they act, like pulling out money to the media. Time for this owner just to move on and let new fresh ownership to come in because if not, I do not see this team every winning and that's a shame.

02-28-2012, 13:36
Every complaint goes away if they win. People will find things to complain about if they are unhappy