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02-20-2012, 13:28
Today Mariano Rivera arrived to spring training and gave plenty for the media to buzz about. When asked if this would be his last year, he responded by saying that he had made his decision but wouldn't reveal it. After dancing around the issue, his answers then led reporters to believe he would retire at season's end.

At this point, we have at least a full season before the issue of replacing him needs to be addressed. The one time heir apparent, Joba Chamberlain, is recovering from Tommy John surgery and is due back mid-season. If he can't return to form, I would think the job is his. What if he doesn't pitch like the old Joba? What if Robertson continues to pitch lights out in the 8th inning? Would they give him the job? Would they trade for/sign an established closer?
Who do you think the next Yankees closer will or should be?

02-20-2012, 13:50
I think for now it will be Soriano. However, he has hinted at retirement for the past couple years. I wish he could never retire.

02-20-2012, 14:04
Although Soriano's had success as a closer in the past, the Yankees don't even trust him enough to give him the 8th inning. He'd have to drastically improve from last year to become the closer in 2013.

The Boss
02-20-2012, 14:14
Joba. Soriano is a waste. I think if the Yankees are going to have a closer unlike every other crappy closer in the game they have to hope Joba or maybe D Rob can get it done, or start collecting minor leaguers that have that potential. Theres nobody out there that Yankee fans would tolerate right now.

Or - Phil Hughes?

02-20-2012, 16:08
It will also depend on how this year plays out.

With Soriano, we have seen in all closers, when not put in a save situation they stink, so maybe Soriano would be better in the closer role.

02-20-2012, 18:12
That's a good point. Sometimes good closers don't pitch well in the setup role. But, he was only a good closer for one season. The Yankees are going to want to see consistency.