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02-21-2012, 15:08
The last two weeks with the New York Knicks has been absolutely crazy. The Knicks have gone from being a total underachiever to well being a team that could be a major contender in the Eastern Conference. Jeremy Lin has created total excitement and has apparently short term answered the point guard problem this team has had all year.
Jeremy Lin has created so much excitement in New York City, nationally, and internationally. Fans are totally getting back into New York Knicks basketball and the stars are coming back to Madison Square Garden.
On Sunday afternoon the Knicks defeated the defending NBA Champions, the Dallas Mavericks and the Jeremy Lin Mania got even bigger. The Knicks on Monday night were playing a Nets team that lost the night before at home to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Knicks were getting back another star player Carmelo Anthony who had missed the past few games due to injury. Carmelo played over 20 minutes in the game. The Knicks totally looked out of sink. They all looked like they were not on the same page in the game against the New Jersey Nets.
The Nets took the game right at the Knicks and it was a lot of 3-point shots made by Nets star guard, Devon Williams who had 38 points on the night and at least for one night quited the Linn Mania. Williams controlled Lin and Lin was in foul trouble all night. He even looked tired. It is starting to appear that Jeremy Linn can not play back to back nights effectively.
The next question that will be asked is if Carmelo Anthony is going to hurt the chemistry this team had without him in the lineup. The Knicks had won eight out of nine games. Now with Anthony back they are 0-1 and fans will begin to wonder if this team plays like it did last night if there is a problem with Melo in the lineup. This is a no win situation for Melo because if they start losing and stuggling well he of course will be blamed. If they win well he is just an added piece to the lineup.
Lets just see how all this develops because for two weeks before last night everyone was on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon and basketball fans were calling this Knicks team a contender that they had finally found the point guard it was missing. Well just like this mania well let this all develop. Melo though will had more to this exciting and talented team. The Knicks will make noice and they will have the eyes of the nation and the world watching.

02-21-2012, 19:27
We all know you have to give them time. Carmelo wants to win and I'm sure he is willing to do what it takes. If he scores 30 and gets booed while they lose then that is not going to make him happy. He would rather score 20 and win.

The Boss
02-22-2012, 23:02
Gotta let the team marinate for awhile.